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Found this chart of Janka hardness on the net.  Some that are not on it are basswood 410, poplar (tulip wood) 540, American sycamore 770, European sycamore 1,050 and Boxwood 2,840.


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Nice find.

A very good reference.


Regards Antony.

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Not being familiar with the Janka Hardness scale, I looked up the definition which helped me to understand the numbers a bit better.....



Wood Hardness


What is Janka Hardness?



The Janka hardness test measures the force (in pounds-force) required to embed a .444 inch steel ball into a piece of wood up to half of the steel ball's diameter. It is an excellent measure of how well the wood withstands wear and denting. For example, Verawood has a Janka hardness of 4500. This means that 4500 lbs-force (2 1/4 tons) is required to embed that .444 steel ball into the surface of the Verawood until half of the steel ball's diameter is in the wood. This tells you that Verawood is incredibly hard. Google "Janka Hardness" for more information.





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Let me offer this:  http://www.wood-database.com/


Has the hardness along with basically everything you wanted to know...

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