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R/C 1 meter sail boat


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I've been trying to find a one meter sail boat to remote control. I can't seem to find any kits and would not mind getting a plastic almost ready to sail kit but those are even few and far between with mixed reviews... does anyone know or can direct me to where I can find one. a decent one? thanks. JP. 

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JP,  You could have a look here:  http://www.victor-model.com/products/soling-1-meter


I have built a number of these kits as they were real popular a few years ago, but interest died out to continue competition sailing.  these are all kits and the Soling is a true 1 meter boat.  Seems the big issue at this point is obtaining a sail servo (no you cannot use a regular servo for the sails).  Futaba made the best ones, but discontinued them.  I heard that Hitec makes one, but am not familiar as I have not used them. I have their Mary J Ward kit on the shelf, but haven't gotten around to it .yet.



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I purchased a used Soling 1m. kit through my ship model club. I have always wanted a pond boat and thought this one would be a good start. Did some research on this boat and there are numerous websites on R/C, different sails, how to build it better, improvements on racing, etc.


Here are a couple of websites.


http://www.soling1m.com/Links_Resource.html Maany links to different parts for R/C

www.theamya.org/ Excellent website, lots of information on everything.







Check eBay for kits as well.


Hope it helps.


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Michael, all you need is a minimum of 12" constant depth and you are set. Check the city pond, great place to attract others interest as well.

My old neighborhood has large ponds here and there. They are attached to peoples backyards, so you need permission to sail. I have acquired a seat on the water's edge and once Sol1m is finished spent a leisurely afternoon, sailing. I don't think sailing the pond yacht on Lake Michigan.


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