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I can't find any scale nautical figures for a 1:90. Are all ships lifeless? (edited by admin)

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Part of the problem is the rather odds scales, like your 1/90th scale, that model companies make their kits in. Marketing tells manufacturers that the average ship kit-builder is looking for something about "x" inches long that will fit a display table about "y" inches long. Therefore, they scale their vessel down to fit the desired size, and in so doing, they end up with some pretty strange scales, to be sure. (This I got from the manager of the long-gone Sarasota Model Expo Store.) That also makes it hard to find replacement cannon, etc., should the kit be lacking.


But you're close to 1/87th scale, which I believe is a common railroad modeler scale, (HO Scale - yes?), so you might find conductor and townsfolk figures to start with, should you want to modify them to look like sailors. 

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At the request of my son I am going to try to crew the HMS Surprise I am building. Had locating anything but found a company that does 20 mm war gaming naval Napoleonics. At 20 mm that should roughly be around 1/87. Not convinced that the look quite right for the size of the build but the figures themselves are pretty well made and have posted some.


Web site




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