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The Sailing Frigate (A History In Ship Models) Robert Gardiner

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Illustrated from the Collections of the National Maritime Museum.




I picked up this book a few months ago and I can say I am really pleased with it.  It is a very nice collection of photos and has a nice description of each model presented with a tie-in to the historical basis of each type.


It is a small short book only 128 pages but very nicely presented.  




1  Prehistory 1600-1689

2  Guerre De Course 1689-1713

3  The Establishment Era 1706-1748

4  The "True Frigate" 1748-1778

5  The Heavy Frigate 1778-1815

6  The Last Generation 1815-1850


Inside these chapters are nice descriptions of the development of the bow and stern framings, sweep ports, number and type of armaments, ships boats etc.


What is really nice is every model presented has a nice little catalogue number attached to it called a SLR number and you can enter that number into the National Maritime Museums website and you can see addition photos of the model in question.


Overall a good addition to my library.


Here are a few random pictures to give you a look at the layout.





p.s.  There is another book in the series coming out later this year called  Ship Of The Line (A History In Ship Models) by Brian Lavery

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I have the same book, and am very happy with it.  I've used it extensively to research the accuracy of my Corel Unicorn kit.  The use of the NMM models is very well done.



Current Wooden builds:  Amati/Victory Pegasus  MS Charles W. Morgan  Euromodel La Renommèe  


Plastic builds:    SB2U-1 Vindicator 1/48  Five Star Yaeyama 1/700  Pit Road Asashio and Akashi 1/700 diorama  Walrus 1/48 and Albatross 1/700  Special Hobby Buffalo 1/32  Eduard Sikorsky JRS-1 1/72  IJN Notoro 1/700  Akitsu Maru 1/700


Completed builds :  Caldercraft Brig Badger   Amati Hannah - Ship in Bottle  Pit Road Hatsuzakura 1/700   Hasegawa Shimakaze 1:350

F4B-4 and P-6E 1/72  Accurate Miniatures F3F-1/F3F-2 1/48  Tamiya F4F-4 Wildcat built as FM-1 1/48  Special Hobby Buffalo 1/48

Citroen 2CV 1/24 - Airfix and Tamiya  Entex Morgan 3-wheeler 1/16


Terminated build:  HMS Lyme (based on Corel Unicorn)  


On the shelf:  Euromodel Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde; Caldercraft Victory; too many plastic ship, plane and car kits


Future potential scratch builds:  HMS Lyme (from NMM plans); Le Gros Ventre (from Ancre monographs), Dutch ship from Ab Hoving book, HMS Sussex from McCardle book, Philadelphia gunboat (Smithsonian plans)

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I have this book as well and it is excellent. Well written, great pictures and detailed.


Current Built: Zeehaen 1639, Dutch Fluit from Dutch explorer Abel J. Tasman


Unofficial motto of the VOC: "God is good, but trade is better"


Many people believe that Captain J. Cook discovered Australia in 1770. They tend to forget that Dutch mariner Willem Janszoon landed on Australia’s northern coast in 1606. Cook never even sighted the coast of Western Australia).

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I also love this book Michael. It packs a lot of information into the smaller format and referencing the SLR numbers is a great bonus.


This is supposed to be the first of a series on the collection. Let's hope so!


Admiralty Models

moderator Echo Cross-section build
Admiralty Models Cross-section Build

Finished build
Pegasus, 1776, cross-section

Current build
Speedwell, 1752

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I love this book, as well, but I'm not entirely happy that there is no index or at least a list of the model SLRs.

Current builds:
Harvey, Baltimore Clipper - Artesania Latina
HMS Triton Cross Section, 18th Century Frigate - online scratch build
HMCS Agassiz, WW2 Flower-Class Corvette - HMV - card model

Swift, Pilot Schooner - Artesania Latina --- Build log --- Gallery

Skeeter, Ship-in-Bottle - Ships a Sailin' kit --- Build log

Santa Maria, Caravel - Artesania Latina --- Build log

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