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oops! took off too much while shaping frame

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I was trying to shape a frame for my Corel Scotland but It was really late and I got carried away. I took off way too much on one side by accident.


I heard Corel has good customer support and I got in touch with them but they autoreplied (in italian) that they were off on vacation till August 22. 


Does anyone have a suggestion of what I can do? Is there anyway to fix this? I guess I could head over to a carpenter and see if he can make me one according to the plan. Would Corel even be willing to sell an individual frame?





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What I have done is to glue a piece of planking or other scrap wood onto the side of the piece then sand it down a bit.  This is easy enough to do especially if the area is going to be planked over/covered.  Usually I will leave it oversized until the "fairing" step when you can bring it down to the proper shape.

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Alright, I went with the suggestion of attaching a piece of wood to the misshaped bulkhead and sanding and shaping it. Thanks Michael! Here's a picture of the results:




After attaching the deck however, I used rubber bands to hold it together while the glue dries. Unfortunately during the process the deck moved slightly to one side and left the bulkheads on the right side protruding more than the left - especially the first bulk head near the bow. 


I measured the bulkheads and they are perfectly symmetric themselves, it's just the deck itself is leaning to one side slightly. If I sand them down, I think I might end up with an asymmetric boat when it is planked. 


Does any one have any neat suggestions to fix this? I'll attach some pictures of the situation? I don't think using a solvent like acetone and trying again is any option since I used gorilla glue... (I'm going to add this in my build log too):





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