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Long handled surgical scissors

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I found a lot of helpful tools - also from dentists need which use perfect shaped hooks - by ebay. Its always a treasure trove for anything. But of course I cannot speak about Australian ebay - and the shipping from Europe to Australia makes all price almot unpayable :)





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Hmm, what is 'long'?  


Generally, scissors will be much less expensive from a veterinary supply house than from any human surgeon's armamentarium.  Perhaps you could visit a veterinarian and ask for assistance in ordering a pair for you.


With regard to styles, there are many many.  The most useful style in surgery are curved Metzenbaum scissors, with longish handles and blunt tips.  There are also suture-removal scissors that have a cutout on the tip. to assist with 'digging out' and clean cutting a suture from the skin.  There are also Mayo scissors, that come with blunt/sharp, blunt/blunt, and sharp/sharp tips.  Lister bandage scissors have a blunt bladed-tip to get under bandages so that skin is not caught  up when cutting away bandages.  And then there are fine iris scissors, usually sharp/sharp for opthalmic work.

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Either a Metz or curved tonsil scissors would give you the reach without excess blade length.  I am sure you could pick up either of these on EBay or a a used medical supply house.  Please remember that these scissors are designed to cut tissue, not thread.  The largest diameter thread these types of scissors would cut without the end looking ratty is 3-0 (0.2 mm). 

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