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Byrnes table saw accessories

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Back on the pre-crash MSW I had posted a question asking for advice on the best accessories to get with the table saw, and just as funding looks like it might be available disaster struck :(


Therefore can I please ask for members thoughts on which accessories are worth having, and which will only form a dust trap in the workshop.



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I have most of the accessories. As my shippingcosts for heavvy machines to Sweden are well expencive. I figured I might aswell get it all in one go.

The most used are no doubt the micrometer stop. When you get the hang of it, it gives you fantastic precision to your cuts down to 1/100 of a mm.

The extended rip fence and miter extension is also very practical to cut angles and save fingertips I suppose.

A few different blades Is a good idea. I usually use the slitblade as I mostly cut tiny stuff.

A zero clearance insert is a must have for your slitblades as it ads to the safety of the machine as small parts wont get jammed by the blade.

Ask for a few extra screws and bolts as they have a tendency to run and hide in the sawdust.


I recently bought the tilting table but have not yet tried it.

Basicly if you are a kit builder you will enjoy the micrometer, extended rip fence a slitblade and zero clearance insert. If your looking at scratch building and therefor more advanced use of the saw . Well the more the merrier perhaps.


Hope it helps a bit and good luck with your purchase. You will not be dissapointed.



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Hi Neill,


IMHO the accessories you will need the most are the Extended Rip Fence, Miter
Extension and Zero-Clearance Inserts. How many inserts depends on how many types
of blades you will be using. I have one insert for each type. Other accessories
are nice but these are the ones I use the most.


I hope this helps.


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Neill, I agree with Erik and Rusty.  The extended rip fence, zero clearance inserts and the .040 slitting blade, are the items I use the most.  I made my own miter extension out of a piece of hard wood so, yes, definitely the miter extension.  Been thinking about the the micro stop and some additional blades down the road, but I'll order those when the time comes.

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Hi Neill,


My thoughts align with Rusty.  I bought the micrometer stop but rarely use it (Eric has obviously found a good use, I haven't for the cutting methods I use), and I use my Byrnes sander to create bevel angles so the angle table is simply a "nice to have" for me.  I have several blades with different kerfs (to assist in cutting grating stock etc) with a zero-tollerance insert for each.  You can make up your own from wood - but Jim's are purpose made, fit properly and are relatively cheap.


Due to the distance, I have also invested in a spare belt (not needed yet) so that should I need it, there is no delay in shipping time :)





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I have discovered that all of the attachments, including the tilting table, eventually are indispensable.


I have also shown a few photos of a sliding crosscut table I built, with a sliding stop for repetitive cutting to length (always put a spacer between the sliding stop and the workpiece that you remove right before the cut, to avoid binding the saw). I use this constantly.







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Hi Mark:


Thanks for showing the Crosscut Table.  I have a Byrnes saw, but I'm new to using table saws in general and seeing what others have done is really very helpful.  Do you (or others) have any other examples of jigs or homemade accessories for a small table saw?


I'm also not sure of how to make the cut in a zero-tolerance insert - do you use the actual saw blade to cut the slit?





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Hello everyone made a similar table with slight modifications
at the base and end walls made T shaped grooves all the stops and guides are fixed in any position
did stops for making cuts at an angle of Dublin, it was necessary to sharpen the cutter sharpening angle now 80 degrees


всем привет сделал себе похожей стол с небольшими доработками

в основании и торцевой стенки сделал Т образные пазы все упоры и направляющие фиксируются в любом положении

сделал упоры для изготовления врезок под углом Дя этого пришлось заточить фрезу угол заточки теперь 80 градусов



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