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Longboat rigging


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Newbies question but if you don't ask you wont find out.

I'm building the AL "Endeavour's Longboat" and have arrived at the rigging. Their instructions are as clear as mud for a beginner but with the help of the 18th Century longboat build here, plus their box illustration I've got a fair idea of what goes where (and why!!). However the instructions just say to "tie off to mast/eyebolt". All very well but this leaves no method of tensioning for the stays were this the real thing. Personally I'd have expected the stays to be looped at the top of the masts and a hook/turnbuckle arrangement at the eyebolt. I know the latter would be pretty hard to model at this scale but a plain hook should be possible. So what do I do - just tie it all off or at least try modelling a small hook at the eyebolt end?



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Hi, Maury S,

I'm new to this forum and have a lot to learn and am probably dumber than most.

Above, you say, 'The instructions / illustrations for Chuck's.....'.

Without a hot link how the heck do you find those instructions if you don't know exactly where they are.

Entering the details into the search box just brings up posts that make a similar referral.

The only other thing I can try is to spend hours trawling through all the listings of 'masting and rigging etc'. which is laborious and frustrating.

It's not just your post, this occurs all the time. And like anyone else; I've only got so much time.

Please tell me, is there a better way?

Thank you and my best wishes.

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mtaylor, thanks for the quick heads up response. Followed it through and found the useful pdf file. Grateful for that.

However, my original post was about my frustration with trying to follow up items within the forum. Again, if I wasn't aware of 'Model Expo' it's the same issue.

Call me old fashioned, but if I was looking at a book, it is often a simple matter to look at the index and find what I'm looking for.

I'm all in favour of progress.

Couldn't there be a proper alphabetical index on the forum, which would make life a lot easier. That would bring this modern tech back into the 18th century!

Please forgive me, I suppose this is really a matter for the moderators to address. But thanks for your kind reply.

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Mark, thanks for getting back to my reply. Yes, I understand the issue compiling an index of posts.

While we're here in the 'longboat rigging' area......perhaps someone can explain.....When ships boats are displayed stowed on board, rarely if ever, there's no evidence of the plates and dead-eyes for mast shrouds and stays. Yet when a boat is depicted rigged, there they are! Clearly the plates are bolted to the hull so I imagine they must be permanently there, even if the boat is un-rigged.

I appreciate there's a wide range of boat styles and uses, yet it seems all of them are capable of having masts fitted.

I could be wrong, but I have no recollection that this feature is indicated on original source draughts.

Could it be that boats rigging is attached to inboard belaying pins. It seems to me these fixtures are included on model boats with a big assumption that 'how else can it be done?'.

Another point; colours on boats and ships:- it is widely known by the younger generation, that everything prior to colour tv was black and white! So period paintings and drawings depict colours as products of artistic licence? A disturbing thought.


Thanks again.



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