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A Picture is not Woth a 1000 Words


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I have been searching for items belonging to Fragata Colombia for several years and while living in US I had seen a picture of a carronade on top of Guayaquil's highest hill. I went to Guayaquil while in Ecuador and climbed more than 400 steps with my knees screeming but it was a lifetime oportunity. I took paper,pencil,a tape measure,camera and a mold copier. As soonas I got to the top I saw seven carronades in line and I was so happy. Finally I had found an important piece of missing history. Took several pictures and upon very detailed inspection I saw a royal crown with WP initials and I got supicious something didn't look right. I discovered with much dissapointment the dam carronades were made of fiverglass !

On the distance they look so real ! After arriving at home I had to apply ice in my knees !


Here I post the pictures. Now I will have a harder task of finding out the source of the mold for the plastic canons.




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