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Sovereign of the Seas by Snoepert - De Agostini

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Hi ,

This is my first attempt to show my progress on the forum. Excuse me if it is a little grey.

First off I am delighted with the kit supplied by De Agostini in magazine form although it is a bit annoying that we must wait for the monthly delivery.

I have built thee RED BARON in the same manner and it came out pretty good.

The SOS is the first undertaking of this scale and I have built two previous wooden kits: One from Holand and it was a BOTTER boat and the other is the PORT JACKSON supplied by Modellers Shipyard.

I would like at this stage to sincerely thank Fifthace and Tomick at this stage for the advice on many aspects of the build, I have certainly become the wiser after reading their notes and photo'spost-12564-0-06178100-1419916560_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-06178100-1419916560_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-94493000-1419916573_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-72232900-1419916599_thumb.jpg

I am posting the photos of the work I have carried out so far on the SOS for any comments or suggestions.post-12564-0-39066000-1419915970_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-69250100-1419916005_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-90057700-1419916030_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-14160200-1419916062_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-07029300-1419916093_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-19209300-1419916123_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-99000000-1419916148_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-29016100-1419916170_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-16646100-1419916189_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-54997200-1419916201_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-49314100-1419916281_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-22105800-1419916301_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-99595300-1419916318_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-55666100-1419916334_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-55666100-1419916334_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-49435100-1419916358_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-84099800-1419916387_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-22185400-1419916402_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-60471300-1419916414_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-09681000-1419916428_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-26118900-1419916442_thumb.jpg


Till the next post,


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Further work has been done and with the advanced knowledge of some problems fifthace experienced I was forearmed and decided to use some Saple Wood from my Endeavor kit and used this wood to build the bulwarks and have found this to be more true than the bamboo.

Also after seeing the grating fall through when installing I decided to size up the grating and then build the timber frame around this and will install both together.

Thanks for your guided help in your forum Fifthace



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