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HMS Endeavor by Snoepert - Artesania Latina - 1:60

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Hi Shipmates,

While I wait for more parts for the SOS I have begun the Endeavor.

I find this kit by Artesania Latina not as good a quality as the De Agostini kit I am also working with.

There is much more detailed explanation and coding in De Agostini's kit.

This one will be my second attempt at a larger boat.

I will post progress as things happen for comments and hints if I am going wrong.




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I have worked a bit more on the boat and decided to use polyester cotton run through bees wax for the caulking on the decks that I have started to carry out.

Needed to trim back the deck on the stern to match the preformed gallery area.

I would like to attach some photo's in my reply but not sure how.

Can someone advise me on the process.



I worked it out,beginners luck.

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A little more of the deck work was carried out today.

One mistake I made was not to use a sharp drill and I blurred the deck near the mast hole,hopefully this will be covered by the mast ring

Can anyone suggest what stain I should use on the deck.I have some cedar stain and lacquer and has come up quite well on the SOS.post-12564-0-60404000-1420268981_thumb.jpg

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Hi Snoepert,


Looks like you are off to a great start, well done.


As for the deck I personally wouldn't stain it as the decks are usually light anyway.  I just used a matt varnish which didn't change the deck colour at all.


You are the captain of your ship so should go with what pleases you.




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Hi Captain Slog,

I am now inclined to agree with you after also looking in many posts and lots and lots of photo's.

I have been having great difficulty in working out the bow gun wales due to poor instructions supplied by AL but I think I have it worked out now.

The instructions given by De Agostini's SOS are much more precise and clear.

I have been looking also at the painted versions of the Endeavor and am swinging that way.

A great example is the posts by Banyan.

In my future collection of ships I am also thinking of building the Wasa after seeing the ship in the flesh in Sweden and this one will stay in timber finish.

Any thoughts who might have the best kit for this one.





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Well I have finally started the planking and found it a little daunting to start with due to the slack instructions and photo's.

I was having a problem getting a true line and trying to understand how the wales tapered down.I finally got it running but noted a little pointed bit at bulkhead 10.

On the next plank below I will chamfer slightly to gain a more true line.




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I have done some more work on my project and find as usual the planking a little challenging,however I am a quitter and will progress.

I have started to mark up the deck and do a clear lacquer over it to protect it.

Also decided to fix the part keel on to guide the planking on the bottom of the boat.post-12564-0-21394900-1421139755_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-42608100-1421139832_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-67278300-1421139871_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-03370900-1421139985_thumb.jpg


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  • 2 weeks later...

I have done some more planking on the hull but am not happy how it is going.

I seem to be getting a bad overlap between the planks and I think it is more own fault as I haven't fared the bulkheads enough.

Maybe when it comes to sanding I may have to fill some areas. Thank god it's only the first planking and I can correct still at this time.


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Hello, looking good! I hear what you are saying about the instructions being somewhat vague, did you find the pre-formed stern piece seemed slightly undersized at all? I havnt started planking my hull yet but while trying to visualize how the planks will lie i feel i need to pack the stern piece so the planks dont nip in so much.. if that makes sense! However yours seems to look fine to me, maybe the kits aren't consistent, do you find the pre-cut ply stern window panel fits on top without overhang? sorry for all the questions!

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Hi Kiwi Shaun,

Thanks for your comments.

I found the stern piece to fit ok and after looking at a lot of other builds and details I found that the pre cut window piece does hang over by roughly 6 mm on both sides.

I must admit I have wondered how the overhang gets finished off.


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Further progress is being made.

Big mistake I made was not to check on the quantity of the Mukell timber strips I had left after finishing the decking.

Consequently I ran out and thought I had a delema on my hands.

Thank god for Float a Boat who seems to have everything.post-12564-0-86932600-1423130915_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-25018400-1423130947_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-56087300-1423130992_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-34917900-1423131022_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-15085500-1423131051_thumb.jpg

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I have decided to build the replica and had to do a fair bit of research and look at heaps of photos on the web.

These photos are the next step on my journey.

Along the way I have made a few mistakes and had to do some major repairs,especially on the bow area and the wales but I think I managed at least some good repairs.



I start spraying the bottom of the hull only to find I would have been better to hand paint instead.

So I did the rest of the painting by hand


I noticed the wales were uneven.post-12564-0-24301600-1423821232_thumb.jpg

So I did major repair work and it looks better.post-12564-0-27181500-1423821414_thumb.jpg

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I have made quite some progress since my last post.

The stern work has been a challenge as the poop pieces were larger in width to the formed stern area when planking and I have had to make some major corrections which where a little disappointing as I feel the kit was not quite correct.

I have also built some scratch pieces to reflect the finished edges to the area as built in the replica



I copied the detail from this photo.



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Have come to the next stage of adding items to the hull and deck.

It's moments like now a small lathe would do wonders as I made the mooring bits but using a file does not give the perfect finished look.I have also put in nails into the mooring bits and cut off the heads which hopefully anchor the items more securely and will do will do this with all my fixtures on the deckspost-12564-0-22170100-1424586228_thumb.jpgpost-12564-0-80952600-1424586295_thumb.jpg

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After fitting the trimming channels in the same way as the mooring bits I started putting in the hatches and the hull side windows and decided not to glue these items onto the surface as directed by AL kit but recessed them into the hull.

This was not an easy task but looks so much better.


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The more I progress into the build I find there are so many little things missing.

I have just finished building the gratings and looked at the replica again and noticed the skylight cabinet and companion hatch,so I have decided to build these from scratch.I then drew up the plan and elevations to get me on the way.








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  • 2 weeks later...

More work has been done and I have made all the hatches,skylight ,instrument cabinet and the cargo hatch myself as the AL kit only allows for grills.

After researching the replica and what other fellow model lets have done I decided to go this way.

I must say it was a challenge and for my first attempt it has come out average.

However this is all part of modeling experience and thoroughly enjoyed it


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  • 1 month later...


Have started to do some of the rigging and also made two Bumpkins as this kit does not supply them.

Had trouble finding some material that would bend soI laminated two pieces of bamboo and this seemed to work out well.

Also made some storage boxes at the stern, also not supplied in this AL kit.

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