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HMS Fly by Brian100 - Victory Models

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HMS Fly has just arrived. This build will be very much like the Pegasus build as the false keel and bulkheads are now made of mdf rather than plywood. I am now going to check through everything to make sure nothing is missing. I will start on the build in the next couple of days.



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Here's the list of links to Fly build logs.  The last one is by some doofus who started his almost nine years ago and keeps letting other projects get in the way of finishing it.  ;)


Martin W











Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
- Tuco

Current builds: Macchi C.200 Saetta

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Hi everyone, sorry not been on for a while but I look after a lady who is disabled after suffering a stroke, so her need come before ship building.

I have managed to do a dry fit of the bulkheads and decks and hope to get started on cutting the rabbits in the next couple of days.




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Welcome to the MSW comunity of  "Swan-Class" builders






Current builds

Steamship Ergenstrasse


"Mississippi Lady"  sternwheel steamer 1:30 kit build fun boat as Xmas present

"Zeesboot"  heritage wooden fishing small craft around 1870, POB  clinker scratch build scale 1:24

Pilot Schooner # 5 ELBE

Chebec "Eagle of Algier" 1753--scale 1:48-POB-(scratchbuild) 

"SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse" four stacker passenger liner of 1897, 1:144 (scratchbuild)
"HMS Pegasus" , 16 gun sloop, Swan-Class 1776-1777 scale 1:64 from Amati plan  (scratch build)Pilot schooner #5 Elbe

"Pamir" 4-mast barque, P-liner, 1:96  (scratchbuild)

"Gorch Fock 2" German Navy cadet training 3-mast barque, 1:95 (scratchbuild) 

"Heinrich Kayser" heritage Merchant Steamship, 1:96 (scratchbuild) 

"Bohuslän" , heritage ,live Swedish museum passenger steamer (Billings kit), 1:50 

"Lorbas", river tug, steam driven for RC, fictive design (scratchbuild), scale appr. 1:32

under restoration / restoration finished 

"Hjejlen" steam paddlewheeler, 1861, Billings Boats rare old kit, scale 1:50

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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I started this project, but as I mentioned in a previous post I look after a disabled lady so ship building comes second to her needs, fortunately things have improved so I am going to make a start on building this Swan Class ship in the next few days. I look forward to posting my progress.


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