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I am starting planking my hull of a Virginia 1819, this is my first time having a go at planking so little unsure what should occur as I work it, I have read some of the information on this site but got a little lost so hoped it would become clearer as I started it.


I have enclosed a picture of the two guide rails.

I first fitted the top rail to give me the 5mm gap required from the deck to the top of the first hull plank for fitting of the bulwarks,  I then started in the middle of the ship and places the lower rail with a 20mm gap to allow 4 planks to be fitted in-between.


My concern is how much the gap closes up at the bow of the ship,  I used a set of plank bending pliers to help it follow the shape of the hull and this is where the planking wants to naturally lie, just wanted to make sure this looked right to the more experienced builders or have I made a school boy error?


Many thanks for any advice.



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Have look here:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/14-building-framing-planking-and-plating-a-ships-hull-and-deck/   The first pinned topic references the database.  Have look also at the other topics in the Database.    The last pinned topic is captured from a build log on MSW 1.0 is a pretty good starting point.

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What you're seeing Marvi is what naturally occurs during the planking process.  The space narrows toward the bow necessitating a narrowing of the planks (or fewer planks) in that area.  This is handled by heeding the advice contained in the links Mark Taylor provided.....generally either spiling the planks or using drop planks.


Conversely, the opposite will be encountered in the stern where there is more area to cover.  The planking references will help you here as well by suggesting the addition of 'stealer' planks.


You haven't made a 'school boy error' but rather a discovery.  You were wise to ask the question.

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