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  1. Hi Mark -aaah. Yep, “burnout” was the term I was searching for, but I couldn’t quite remember it. It was on the tip of my tongue when I was writing the post... The actual two engines are there, but you can’t actually see them as they’re obscured by all of the pipes and what not. Thanks Patrick Hi Pat Thanks. It’s good to be back, for sure. Have a great Easter Cheers. Patrick
  2. Hi everyone! I’ve been a bit scarce on MSW over the past few weeks...I think I went into a ‘bad place’ and needed a break from the world of models and MSW. Anyho, hopefully that’s all done and dusted now. Thanks for everyone’s comments and feedback! Much appreciated, as always. Here’s a quick update. Over the last few nights, I managed to work on the Engine Room. It’s the best I could do so far; given the small size of the model. I hope you like it. Cheers Patrick
  3. Hi Keith I’m just catching up. Oh..my..Lord...! Totally gobsmacked. Your skills are just amazing. Cheers. Patrick
  4. Hi Lawrence I’m just catching up with your Build Log. Your OC is looking just great. The re-do of the magazine, etc is well and truly behind you and you’re cracking on beautifully with the rest of the build. I especially like the tiny details, such as the four scupper hatches. Very nice! Cheers Patrick
  5. Hi Frank! Amazing as usual! Congratulations on finishing your model. You must be justifiably proud. Well done. Cheers Patrick
  6. Hi Vaddoc Marvellous work, so far. I still can’t get over how BIG your ship is. Have you thought about a case for it, yet? If so, it’ll have to be suitably large as well. Have a good one! Cheers. Patrick
  7. Hi Josh I think you’re having too much fun with this ship! I don’t blame you, either, because it looks great. Gotta love the octopus. Cheers Patrick
  8. Hi Mark Great to see you back at things with Licorne. The ships boat looks marvellous. Mistakes? what mistakes? LOL All the best...and I’m so happy to hear that things have taken a turn for the better. Onwards and upwards! Cheers Patrick
  9. Hi Marcus It’s been a while since I’ve popped in, but dang, those sails looks marvellous! As as for the rest of the build, well, you know what I think of your boat overall. Yep, I’ve said it before..loads of character and charm. A real joy to look at. Cheers Patrick
  10. Ah hah Igor!!!! I’ve been waiting for you to get back onto this boat. What took you so long (LOL). You know me, I’ll be eagerly following on as usual. Cheers Patrick
  11. Hi John I take my hat off to you for surviving 16 years of running your own business! Small and lean seems to be the way to go, I guess (as you found by downsizing from 16 staff to three). Do you still own it after all these years? Cheers Patrick
  12. Hi CDW Thanks - you’re definitely right. My preference would be to stay small and have a larger profit share. I never really appreciated what what it meant to run a small business, until I bought my own. A very steep learning curve, that’s for sure. Cheers Patrick
  13. Thanks Denis! Actually...I’m pretty sure than this one will be my next challenge: https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-43054/okto-yacht-charter-printable.pdf. What do you think? Cheers Patrick
  14. Woohoo Julie! Good luck. We’re looking forward to the pictures. Cheers Patrick
  15. Many thanks, Grant You know, up until last night when I fell into the 'abyss', I had always blindly, in fact religiously, held the belief that being self-employed was the best thing for me. The lifestyle, the flexibility, the freedom, etc just couldn't be beat. However, as you've said, cash flow is king! And...I need to bear that in mind. I'm already starting to feel better now; especially with the wise words shared by all of you on MSW so far. It means a lot to me. Enjoy your weekend! Cheers Patrick
  16. Hi Carl Am I reading your story correctly? Did your Debt Collector take off with your money, as well as others? Oh my Lord. The nerve of some people. I can only hope that karma has caught up with him and given him his just deserts! Having said that, yes, you’re absolutely right, running your own business can be frustrating, but it’s a choice we’ve made, I guess. Thanks for sharing your experience. It helps me to put things back into a more positive perspective. Cheers Patrick
  17. Hi Julie Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I empathise with you in more ways than one; especially as I sometimes look back and wonder if I made the right decision to start my own business. One thing’s for sure though...Perseverance is a powerful quality to have as human beings, as is resilience. Without both, we could never grow and succeed. Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. I have read your many posts here on MSW and continue to be amazed at your skills, expertise and talents; especially as they have extended into kitchen renovations, cabinetry, model building, etc. You’ve certainly deserved and earnt the opportunity to go cruising on your own full-sized boat. Happy sailing! Cheers Patrick
  18. Thanks Lou. You're absolutely right. I was a senior manager in the Public Service and even in that position, there were people and times that tried my patience...and mental health! That was one of my main incentives for leaving and buying my own business. I know that this'll pass. But, until it does, I'll just need to 'ride out the storm'. Your words mean a lot to me. Thanks for your help and encouragement. Patrick
  19. Thanks Lou That's so true. I'm just feeling so depressed about things at the moment. I know that it'll pass and that I'll soon be able to put things in perspective later on. But it just kinda sucks, at the moment. Thanks Patrick
  20. HI all Just came to the realisation that owning and running my own business (after leaving a safe and secure public sector job that I'd been in for 32 years) isn't all 'peaches and cream'. The reality is that, on-paper, I'm earning a lot of money, but in reality, if people don't pay me what they owe me, then my slow cash-flow is a major problem. At the moment, I haven't been able to pay ourselves for a month, whilst I've put what existing funds I have in the working account to paying staff and my running costs. Ironically and sadly, my staff are earning far more than me. Sometimes, I just wonder if it's all worth it. Pretty 'down in the dumps' at the moment. Sorry for writing this post, but I just need to vent at the moment. Patrick
  21. Hi folks My wife and I have just returned from 10 days in Vietnam. What an amazing country (with all respect paid to the many Vietnam Vets here on MSW). As the internet access was at best, patchy, my apologies for not following everyone’s logs. I’ll catch up over the next week or so. All the best! Cheers. Patrick

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