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  1. Hello Jonny, I really like what you did with your Convulsion ! It make a very nice display on your shelf . Ben
  2. Griffon

    2015 03 22 09.45.31

    Only one word :Wow ! I really like the figurine addition.
  3. Hello Ship88, It's good to see someone building Dusek models as it's the first one I saw actually. I will follow your build with interest as I plan to build a trireme for my next build. Ben
  4. Hello John, A really nice ship ! I'll keep an eye on your progress..the other on Mike and Ian build log !
  5. I will follow your progress. I really like the pictures you add to your build log. Seem to be a nice boat. Ben
  6. Hello Mike, I really like the modifications you plan to make on this model and I can't wait to see this project started. I will follow it with interest !! Ben
  7. Griffon

    How many models under construction?

    I will probably go with two wooden ship ( a medium size ship and a smaller one) when I will finished my SFII. Mainly because I'm a slow builder and I found it difficult to work several years just on a single project. I plan to start the smaller ship when the planking of my first ship will be done just to cut the project in two. Ben
  8. Hello Wes, It's good to see that you have start a build log. If I remember , I pin and I glue the deck before I start the planking. When I built my Virginia, I followed the Aquarius built on MSW 1.0. He have a detailed photo album on the virginia 1819 available online. Here's the link: http://aq777.net63.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=1&page=1 This can be helpful when you have some doubt. Good Luck with your Virginia. Ben
  9. Griffon

    First Build - Virginia 1819

    Hello Wes, I built the Virginia 1819 three year ago. The part 10 needs to be trim to fit the deck on it. Make sure that you have the right angle to match with your deck. I cut it with a sharp knife ( exacto style) and finish it with sand paper. Please also note that you have to add part 11 on page 3 to fix on it and create a curve inside of it. I use a round file to make that part I hope this help you. Ben
  10. Griffon

    Tool suggestions

    Hello Johnny, First, let me thank you for this topic as I'm starting the ridding of my SF II. I also feel intimidated by the ridding as the picture in the manual are fuzzy and not very useful, It's good to know that I'm not alone in this situation .I try to check some other logs to get more informations. For the tools, I use the long tweezers like Joe have mentioned previously. Ben

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