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  1. Good Idea btw to use a blender for this (but I suppose your wife did not know about this :-). But you have to clean your blender thoroughly, otherwise you'll end up with smoothies fortified with pieces of wood. I don't know if that is healthy!
  2. Bought at the fish market two blocks away? Haha - serious fun, and a nice crane!
  3. Haha, I really do like this "squid". And nice paint work as well!
  4. Hello, Frits, Sorry for the late reply - you can find her here: www.kolderstok.com
  5. Tecko, thank you for all the likes in my topic Batavia! :-)
  6. I do not only hit the like button as many times as possible because this is a nice topic, but also really like all the electrics you are doing! It's a bit like electrickery (with copyrights on this for Catweazle)
  7. Pictures of the kits I make: - Batavia - Duyfken - Zeven provinciën
  8. Something that might be of interest to tell: Oak was never used for decks, because it becomes very slippery when wet. Pine etc. doesn't get slippery when wet. Therefore decks on model ships are always done in light wood.
  9. The Flag ship of Michiel Adriaanszoon de Ruyter - Dutch commander of the fleet in the 17th century. This ship is completely scratch build from different available sources and then worked out up to a complete building kit which is now available via Kolderstok.com
  10. You can buy brass needles (I think these are from Prym) which are 0,3 or 0,4 mm thick. But I am not sure if they will be visible in the walnut.
  11. Tip - a very simple but effective way to do this is to use a black marker - with same effect
  12. Piet, I made a few pictures (but unfortunately not of the Lion), can send them to you. Please have a look on my website (kolderstok.com) and reply via the given email on that site. I can send you the pictures then.
  13. If you want to make extra pieces of ornamentation you can take a medium thin thread (0,5 mm or so), make it stiff with some glue (white glue f.i.) and paint it afterwards in a gold or black or so. In this way you can add extra lines and so.

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