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  1. Just had a look at the finished model in the gallery. You did a great job in quite a short time. Kudos to you as well 🙂
  2. It worked out very well, and is in fact not even that hard to do (or so it seems....)
  3. David, I'd like to make a small comment: the wood for the masts is beech wood 🙂 Hope you don't mind me saying this.
  4. Not only the sails look like sails. The whole model looks like as if its real and life size!
  5. You might have noticed the bulwarks are pretty solid now, after you have glued the ribs in place. 🙂
  6. Ab, Thank you for your positive comments on the new Kolderstok model 🙂 Much appreciated!
  7. Haha 😋 - I was around 20 years old then. Eyes were good (and still are - I don't need glasses or a loupe or whatsoever...). But my skills were not yet that good in those days.
  8. My experience when I build a model is that it's always having a "good" and a "bad" side. But looking at the models I build some 40 years ago (like the Norske Löwe from Billing Boats) I don't see a good or bad side anymore. 🙂
  9. Tip for a "natural" dark look with walnut: Take half a jam jar with vinegar (6 or 7 fl. oz. or so), dissolve a tuft (one inch size) of steel wool in it (this can take a few days) and spread this mixture on the walnut. This will immediately darken the wood. Of course this does not work on varnished wood, and try first on some rest wood.
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