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  1. Starboard bow

    Actually I intended the captain to be the fellow at the tiller. The white-haired guy at the bow is the avatar of my late father, who was himself a wonderful ship modeler and armchair nautical adventurer. I began doing ship models when I inherited his set of ship modeling tools and supplies, so I put a figure of him on all my models. So far, he has been in the Bounty's launch with Bligh, sailed in an Irish curragh with Saint brendan, crewed a 1930's Pitcairn Island wooden longboat, and now has journeyed from Cornwall to Australia on a fishing lugger. He gets around.
  2. Starboard side

    I am in the US. I made the model for a long-time friend whose mother is a distant relative of the captain. I learned so much about Cornwall and the Cornish fishing industry that Imwould like to visit the region someday.
  3. Mount's Bay lugger "Mystery"

    The "Mystery" was a 33-foot Cornish lugger that sailed from Cornwall to Melbourne, Australia, in 1854-1855 with a seven-man crew. The voyage was without incident, and took 116 days. In preparation for the trip, the Mystery was fully decked over and sheathed with zinc, and that is how my model portrays her.
  4. Overhead view

    Thanks, Marc!