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  1. Masterful Don! Can't wait to see your breasts!! PS: my shop is finished!!
  2. Modeling with spirit(s). Well done!!
  3. I think rosewood as well... regardless of which wood you choose, the model looks great!!
  4. Thanks for the tip on the shapers Dave. I just ordered me a set. Your transom looks excellent, as usual.
  5. It might be entertaining to see GoPro video of Don racing back and forth to his garage at -23C. LOL Can't believe I missed this build log. Every time I turn around it seems like you have a new model in the works!!! My new shop should be done in about 3 weeks. I am eager to get back to the workbench!!!
  6. Looks like a fun project. Good luck with obtaining and learning to use an airbrush - it is an excellent tool for modeling. Please consider the Paasche brand in your research. I have been using Paasche airbrushes for more than 30 years. Their single-action, Model H is very cost effective and will produce excellent results.
  7. It's been fun riding along on this build!!! Have you decided your next project yet?
  8. Looks like you have the hang of it John. Excellent planking!!! Glad to see you back.
  9. Seems I already read this somewhere before.... hmmm.. Happy holidays Dave!
  10. Don - it appears that you have OUTSTANDING modeling weather.
  11. Hey Don!! Looks great. I'll take a bag of belaying pins and 3 wheels.
  12. Those hatch handles are trick even without a beer!!