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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if he is here. Doc - I could be wrong but I believe when you agree to the terms and conditions of most internet forums that the contents of all the posts become the property of the the forum owner. I'm not positive but I think that is how it works.
  2. Hi Skip. Yup, I got the email too. Still the same old story...
  3. Bob had a meltdown for whatever reason and he took down the forum page. I think he may be done. His loss I guess as there were only a handful of us trying to keep it going anyway. Oh well - I'm glad MSW is here. Mike
  4. The stands are CNC cut seahorses in cherry that I sanded to shape. Thanks for the compliments. This was my first POF model. Mike
  5. Thanks Nils!! No rigging. This is an admiralty style build. I built it exactly like the kit prototype. There are a couple other builds behind me that might fully plank, mast and/or rig... but not sure if they will yet. With the length of the AVS bowsprit I can't image how big she would be in 1/32 scale.. probably 5 feet long!! Mike