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  1. Final1

    The stands are CNC cut seahorses in cherry that I sanded to shape. Thanks for the compliments. This was my first POF model. Mike
  2. Final1

    Thanks Nils!! No rigging. This is an admiralty style build. I built it exactly like the kit prototype. There are a couple other builds behind me that might fully plank, mast and/or rig... but not sure if they will yet. With the length of the AVS bowsprit I can't image how big she would be in 1/32 scale.. probably 5 feet long!! Mike
  3. This is the first completed production kit build of an Armed Virginia Sloop of 1768 fictitiously named Patrick Henry. Kit designed and produced by Robert Hunt. An admiralty style POF build with Redgum frames and Cherry planking. Kit also uses 3D printed cannon, anchor, window frames, lantern and other details. I spent 360 hours on this project.