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  1. Julian, Great work!! Looking very good. If you needed some walnut you should have asked me! I could have cut you up a piece. Hope all is well, Cheers, Grant
  2. cole

    Best place to buy wood in Canada

    I was able to get some excellent Swiss Pear from East Coast Specialty Hardwoods. Shipping to Alberta was reasonable. Cheers, Cole
  3. Julian, You have done some great work since I last saw your Bluenose! Keep up the good work and the pictures too. Cheers, Grant
  4. cole

    some books i just got

    If you don't want the Masting and Rigging book I will certainly purchase it from you. Thanks, Cole (Calgary)
  5. Hi Michael, Great job!! I am enjoying your build. I was recently at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and was absolutely blown away. I was so impressed that I came home a bought the Corel Vasa. I still need to finish up a scratch build before tackling the Vasa. I hope mine turns out as good as yours. If anyone gets a chance go to Stockholm and see the Vasa it is an amazing sight. It is just as impressive as seeing the Victory. Cheers, Grant
  6. Thanks to everyone for the excellent info! I will post some photos of my finished case with glass or plexi, still have not decided. I am getting quotes for both right now. I can tell you lexan is triple the price of glass and plexi. Cheers, Cole
  7. Hi Everyone, I am sure this has been discussed before. I have built a display case and was wonder what other people have used, glass or plexi glass? If you used glass was it tempered? Tempered is twice the price. I have made my case to allow for 3mm or 1/8" glass or plex, which is pretty thin. Any advise would be much appreciated. Cheers, Cole
  8. cole

    Saw Kick Back

    Wow, thanks to everyone! A lot of excellent information! I will try all of your suggestions. Cheers, Cole
  9. Hi, I recently bought a Proxxon FET table saw. I have been experimenting with different cuts as I have never owned a table saw before. The biggest problem i see is it is difficult to do very thin cuts with the saw blade guard attached. I know most people remove it. With out the blade guard I seemed to be getting some kick backs. I was using a push stick but what do I do if I am cutting a piece only a mm or 2 in width? That is the cut stock is 1mm cut from a larger piece. Do I use a 1mm push stick. I put the blade guard back on and just rested it on the fence for the close cuts. It still seemed to kick back, even though the spreader blade was attached. I have been mainly cutting 1/4" plywood for my frames. Is it the blade, it is a 24 tooth carbide bit (supplied). I also tired adjusting the blade higher. I was also getting kick backs with larger cuts, say thicker than 5mm. Hope this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Cole

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