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  1. Jolley Roger

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Wonder how many people know what a 386 was
  2. Jolley Roger

    Them Old Jokes

    A shetland pony goes into a bar and whispers 'I'd like a bucket of water and some hay please'. The barman says, 'I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. Can you speak up?' The shetland pony says, 'Afraid not, I'm a little hoarse.'
  3. Jolley Roger

    Them Old Jokes

  4. So I finally got time to work on my Mayflower again! I got a double hernia repair surgery done and the bonus is i got two weeks recovery time(aka ship model time) Double bonus: I get to wear very stylish graduated compression stockings for a month I made a quick jig out of scrap wood so these(described as deck fittings?) will look similar and installed Also started installing the gudgeon/pintle(not sure which is which) for the rudder attachment.
  5. Jolley Roger

    Which flag is that?

    Looks like a yacht club flag/burgee, possibly Royal Yacht Squadron?
  6. Welcome aboard sir, welcome aboard! Funny that you came across my build this weekend, as I just opened the new shipyard on Saturday!(the admiral calls it the corner of chaos?!) In between studying, moving, renovating and some damage due to the move, the Mayflower has been sadly neglected. As you can see at the bottom photo, she is minus a beakhead again, due to a 'small' incident during the move, the hull has also sprung a couple of leaks(cracks) which I will fix in due course. After the fix, I plan on fitting the rudder, I see my metal bending abilities will be tested soon!
  7. Jolley Roger

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Built a basic Moxon vise over the weekend. Planning on doing some scratch building one day, so will have to resaw by hand 😦. Don't have space or access to a band saw. Used some old pine planks and some threaded rod that was lying around, could not have been more than 5$ in total.
  8. Jolley Roger

    Them Old Jokes

  9. Jolley Roger

    The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Sorry to hear that guys, hope you find a permanent solution soon.
  10. Jolley Roger

    The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Invested in the future today, planted two Cape Boxwoods (Buxus Macowanii)
  11. Jolley Roger

    Seen any strange signs lately?

    There is some truth behind this one!
  12. Jolley Roger

    PE Tool Suggestion

    The Small Shop https://thesmallshop.com/collections/photo-etch-bending-tools also have some tools available
  13. Jolley Roger

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Congrats! Beautiful restoration. Out of interest sake, i'm following a build of a guy doing a 1/18 scale scratch build in aluminum of Lope's Hope, fascinating to see it 'unfolding' https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/74079-118-p51c-mustang-lopes-hope-the-3rd/&
  14. Jolley Roger

    Something old somethng new

    Small world! Saw her in Livorno on June 29th.

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