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  1. I keep on getting a request for notifications on post I go. Tried to change profile but, too know end. Suggestions?
  2. try,
  3. Find the American distributor and try working something out with them. Did try reaching Corel directly?
  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Mahuna


      Thanks Mark!

  5. 12:43 79F Sunny, dry, for next week they are saying 90F.
  6. JMS you are not nuts...these are long projects and it takes time to develop the needed skills. I'm stuck on my Cutty Stark for a number of reasons. So I went back to my HMS Fly which I put to the side several years back and now feel I have developed enough to complete her after working on several smaller projects and putting my self through what I call practice runs of various different skills needed but off the model. It's nice to know if you come up against new on a kit, you may have practice it off the kit. Hope this makes some sense.
  7. Layout works very well for me nice and bright. I agree with Dr. Per, masters on the site are seen as mentors, this is not a race to the finish. Mark
  8. We need more ship builders down here... Currently 71F, plentiful sunshine. Winds light and variable at 4MPH. Any takers?
  9. As they say at some of the senior communities. I belong to the CRAFT club (Can Remember A #$%^&*1 Thing). Hope I didn't offend anyone
  10. Sarah you should try your local library they would love to have them for display. Mark
  11. I'll be starting a log for this build. I'm finishing my current project but I've done a dry fit of center keel and bulkheads and this is as good a place ever to start. The kit is the newer version of the Cutty Sark and I have gone through the counting process. Some pieces and such were short on the count and Ages of Sail will be getting the materials to me (nice folks). I'm sure I'll be needing advice and guidence and any comments will be appreciated. For reference I will be using Longridge, Campbell and plans from the Maritime Museum. I intend to do some bashing but my goal is not to go overboard with details.
  12. Welcome back!
  13. Hi all, in preparing the mast before attaching yards and stepping. I'm confused by these pendants, once served with an eye splice, is the main stay passed through the splice and back down to be secured? Or is a hook attached to the stay and attached to the eye slice loop. I'm trying to get needed all standing rigging on the masts in place so when the yards are hung any additional standing and running rigging (stays and back stays) will be easier to install. Hope this is clear. Thanks for your help in advance. I wish you all and all those near and dear to you a joyous season. Mark
  14. Ah ha, here are the images that confused me; Because I work in a slightly different order then the plans are numbered. I mistook the preventer and fore stays for the burten pendents. There are no burten pendents as shown in the third image the yard is hauled with tackle. I work off model competing yards, set upper shrouds, attach lower shrouds to mast held in place with tape around the mast add rig yards to mast, then set mast, stays, rigging etc., then set lower shrouds. So in short I was messed up. But I certainly learned allot from everyone.