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  1. Just curious, why would you want straight deadeyes if you're trying to produce an accurate model? As Tom stated they all have different tension on them therefore they would never be in a perfect line. In my opinion (as novice as it is) wouldn't it be easier and more accurate to just install the deadeyes "freehand"? I truly hope BetaQDave doesn't mind me borrowing his picture
  2. Just to update, still planking the hull. I have been practicing my serving and seizing but I still need more practice. It's not too bad but there is still room for improvements.
  3. Welcome to MSW Paul. Looking forward to seeing your build log.
  4. Hi Len, it didn't take long at all. I think perhaps 5 minutes tops. With practice it will become a lot quicker and neater.
  5. I'm still planking the hull, ya da ya da slow moving process and pictures aren't really necessary. However tonight I tried my hand at serving and seizing. For my first time I think it wasn't too bad. I used Syrens serving machine. I'm wondering if there is a way to use the Serving machine to seize the lines? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Doug, that's one heck of a deal for the DeWalt saw. I would also be curious to hear your opinion of the Byrnes Model Machines as well. Next time I'm in your neck of the woods I'll have to bring a supply of wood, run up to your place and machine them down to size
  7. I saw a post earlier suggesting that you don't glue your masts, you leave them loose in case you eventually have to re-rig them. I'm curious what others think.
  8. Fantastic idea. I think i"ll get some
  9. Thanks for the kind works Don, I have seen the Gary Brinker videos and found them helpful. This is only my second build and I learned a lot from my first build. My first was a ton of trial and error but in the end I was happy with the results and it was a great learning tool. Plus, I got a lot of help on this forum as well. I look forward to following along on your build when you get started.
  10. 1. We live close to a public school (5 to 13 yr olds). Two houses down from us is a 4-way stop where a lot of the kids cross the road to get to the school property. During school hours there is a crossing guard but after school and on weekends kids still use the playground. There are a lot of drivers that never stop at the stop sign. I'm not talking about slowing down to a crawl then proceeding I'm talking about not slowing down at all and just blowing past the stop sign. I'm worried that someday someone is going to get hurt. The Admiral has called the police and they will come for an hour and catch a couple of people not stopping but that is the only involvement they have. 2. People who walk their dog, let it defecate on your lawn then continue on their way. 3. People who walk their dog, let it defecate on your lawn, pick it up and put it in a plastic bag, then leave the plastic bag on your lawn and walk away.
  11. Looks like the transom is in good shape according the this picture of the Bluenose II. img006.pdf
  12. What I do is download the pictures I want to post. They show up in the bottom of your text editor. I'll add text, then click the plus symbol on the first picture. It will move it into the text editor. I then add more text then click the plus symbol on the next photo and so on. Hopefully this helps
  13. When I signed up they sent me an email with confirmation and membership number. It's likely because it is the weekend you haven't received anything yet. You should get something soon though.
  14. Hi Rabi, So far I haven't had to do any beveling. The planks fall nicely into place with very little force if any. The practicum I use as reference suggests you can lay about 18 rows without any beveling. Why can't I find your build log?
  15. Sorry Carl Here is what I found 1 Tbs ground allspice 1 Tbs ground cinnamon 1 Tbs ground nutmeg 2 tsp ground mace 1 tsp ground cloves 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp ground Ginger Blend all spices together, and store in a sealed jar away from light.