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  1. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Really appreciate you doing this and posting your results Doug. I am a far cry away from rigging but what you have shown seems very positive. And any advantage I can get I take. I'll likely purchase one in the following months to use on my Bluenose. Can't wait to see your future results.
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Julie, In Ontario, a home inspector is the only unlicensed person in the whole transaction of buying a home. He wrote in his report that the house was in excellent condition. I had to fix every faucet because they all leaked and had to replaced another one. The faucet in the kitchen had leaked for a very long time making the wooden counter top mushy and water logged. The plumbing under the kitchen sink is held together with plumber's putty. The drain line for the dishwasher was attached using a band clamp and black electrical tape. The electrical panel labelling was a joke. I wanted to replace a light fixture so I told the wife that I was going to flip breakers and for her to tell me when the light shut off. I flipped every breaker and the light never shut off. I hired an electrician who quickly determined that somewhere, two circuits were crossed. He found the two circuits and disconnected one. In the garage, there was a single gang box for a receptacle. Someone had drilled into the top of the box because they needed to tie in more receptacles. I believe there was 6 pairs of wires in the box getting power from the receptacle. The wires were rubbing against the metal box. The electrician said I was lucky there wasn't a fire. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. My home inspector gave me a pretty binder in the end though. I work for a mechanical and electrical contractor. I would have been better off getting a couple of my work friends to have a look at the house for pizza and a couple of beers. Ron, I hired a bat specialist to take care of my problem. It cost me $2,500 Cdn plus tax to have him come to my house for 4 hours, put in "one way doors" which were nothing more than a piece of round ductwork with a garbage bag curtain on the end. He spent the time caulking all openings into my soffit. He used about 30 tubes of caulking which cost $2.85 a tube and probably used about $10 worth of sheet metal. He did get rid of the bats though. I can't help but think I could have gotten this done a lot cheaper. Dave, the bats basically flew away and were unable to get back in. Unfortunately, according to our specialist, he said that they would simply find another attic to live in. So, someone else likely has a bat problem now which is unfortunate.
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    OK, I need to vent. We bought our house two and a half years ago. After we moved in we quickly realized that we had 350 room mates, namely bats. So I paid $3000 to have them removed. To add to our problems, this house came with a lot of faults. We have sunk all of our money into this house. We love the house but it had its problems. And sorry to say this but I think a home inspector is the biggest waste of money going. We had so many "obvious" problems that he never reported. So, what did I do today. I went up into the attic because tonight we heard a scratching sound. So now I have to hire another exterminator to get rid of what ever is in the attic. Probably another $300 to $500 charge. It's getting discouraging. I said to the admiral tonight that we should sell but house prices around here has gone nuts. I would get a great buck for this house but would have to pay a lot more for a new house.
  4. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Doug, I'm curious and am probably asking a silly question but does it make a long enough ratline to run from the top of the mast to the dead eyes? Can you adjust the length of them?
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Hey Brian, My bench height is 43" which i have had to stand at. However, the admiral bought me this for Christmas which allows me to sit high enough. I almost need a stool to get in it .
  6. Musicians and Modelers

    I played guitar in our church's praise team. I have a couple of guitars but my go to is my Larrivee. It was manufactured in British Columbia and sounds amazing. I had a Fishman under bridge pickup installed by a Luthier. My mentor was our church's pastor. He played professionally in a band when he was younger before he decided to be a pastor. He taught me a ton of stuff. Best mentor of my life. Unfortunately when he left our church I stopped playing and have only played the guitar a couple of times in the last 5 years. I thought I should sell it but my wife won't let me because of the history with it.
  7. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this. I'm hoping it's positive.
  8. Video on the tea clippers

    Very interesting video. Thanks.
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I assembled my Model Shipways rope walk and tried my first attempt at rope making. I don't think it turned out too bad.
  10. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Hi Doug, I hope you post a detailed review when you get it and try it out. I am curious if they are worth the investment.
  11. Thanks for all the great advice. I have a long way to go before I get proficient with air brushing. I found a Canadian supplier that sells the Vallejo line. They are reasonably priced and shipping isn't too bad. I'll try the paint and see if I can achieve the desired results. I have two airbrushes. One is by Campbell Hausfeld which has the paint bucket under the brush. The other is a decent no name product that has a cup on top of the brush. The no name has two tip sizes. I think it's just going to be a matter of trial and error until I get the results I want.
  12. This book has helped me greatly. It's my go to book for nautical information. Highly recommended.
  13. Tonight I placed an online order for Vallejo Model Air paints. I bought "inexpensive" acrylic paints from my local art store and didn't have very good results with the airbrush. I'm sure I added too much water to thin it. This is certainly going to be trial and error as I'm sure you all know. I figure with having Vallejo pre-thinned paints half the battle is won. On another thread I started about Model Shipways paints, someone commented not to use them in an airbrush because the pigment size is too big and will clog the gun. However MS claims their paint is suitable for air brushing. I'm not sure if I should try them or not. Thanks for all your suggestions and comments.
  14. Hi, I'm being lazy and I hope it's OK. I tried doing a quick search on air brush paints but didn't come up with what I'm looking for. What is the best paint to use with an air brush?? Also, what is the best way to thin and what is the best thinner. One last question, what is the best way to clean the air brush? I guess while I'm at it, is there a better air brush over others?
  15. I liked her better with Nightwish. Great Voice