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  1. Thanks Eric, I purchased the long gun, I thought it would be a good way to take a break from my Bluenose but still keep active. I will start a log and may just take you up on your offer.
  2. Ship paintings

    I'm curious how long each painting takes. You do incredible work and you have a huge portfolio. How much time do you spend painting daily? I love your work by the way.
  3. I just purchased a model kit that has a partial deck, with bulwark and cannon port with one rigged cannon and tools. I would like to start a build log but I'm not sure where I should put it. I'm not sure if I should start the log in the ship model kits forum or put one in the Shore Leave forum. Any advice? I haven't received it yet so the build log won't be started any time soon.
  4. Hello

    Hi Philippe, welcome aboard. This is a great forum for model ship building and really all things naval. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.
  5. What have you received today?

    Received this today. My last Dremel broke. I saw this cordless one with spare battery and decided to get the flex shaft as well. Hopefully the flex shaft will come in handy, lighter than holding the tool itself.
  6. About 16 years ago I visited Newfoundland and my cousin, who is an experienced woodworker, showed me some model boats he had built. When I returned home I got the urge to try to build one of my own. I went to our local hobby shop and basically purchased the biggest ship that had the most brass pieces. Of course, as John pointed out, there was a small warning stating it was for Experienced modellers only. It took me 3 weeks to realize I was in over my head. So the model sat in my garage until we moved in 2014. I ended up throwing it out so I didn't have to move it. I now kick myself for tossing it. I still wouldn't be skilled enough to tackle it but maybe someday I would be. When I got back into this hobby I did some research and built a boat that was more for the beginner. It was frustrating at times but the end result was rewarding. Now I'm building the Bluenose and have walked away from it for a bit. I am working on an area that is repetitive and tedious and is boring me to tears. I will eventually get back to it and pick up pace when I get to the next stage of the build. My idea is to finish one model before purchasing the next. I don't want a shelf full of yet to be built models. Plus the Admiral wouldn't be too pleased.
  7. Hi Derek from a fellow Derek. Welcome to MSW. You'll find a wealth of knowledge here. And trust me, this hobby gets addictive
  8. What have you received today?

    Looks very nice Brian. I'm not a fan of assemble your own furniture and it usually ends up in a lot of frustration, but as John stated, you seem to have a calm demeanor so all must have went together well.
  9. Welcome to MSW from a neighbour.
  10. Looks like it would have been a very interesting lecture. It will be great if she could contribute to the Journal, I would love to read more about this.
  11. What have you received today?

    I received replacement parts for my BBQ. They are great quality and appear to be better than the originals. I try to BBQ year around but my heat deflectors were rotting away and falling apart. I found this kit on Amazon. I didn't think I needed new burners or crossovers but my BBQ is around 11 years old and I figure they can probably use a replacement as well. Can't wait to replace the parts and throw a 2" thick T-Bone on the grill with a hickory wood smoke pack cooking beside it to add flavour. Not quite sure what the Admiral and deck hands will have.
  12. Hello😊

    Hi Frozen Rabbit, my mother's side of the family hails from Conception Bay. A small town around there. I bought that model about 15 years ago, ironically after I got back from a trip to NFLD. I found it way out of my skill level and it ended up in the garbage about 10 years later. I then found this site and realized that it was better to start small and go big. Good luck with the build and I wish you success. Please start a build log so we can all fall along. It would also be nice if you could tell us your name. We are on a first name basis here. Welcome aboard
  13. One thought is to wipe on a coat of polyurethane before painting. Has anyone tried that?