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  1. I purchased the Imai version of the Heller 1/100 HMS Victory back in 1985 from Model Expo for half price - $50.00. The instructions are a lot better then the original Heller one's. I have attached the PDF files if any one needs them. I just removed the staple and scanned the resulting pages at 300 dpi so each scan contains multiple pages. Cheers, Paul PAGE 1 2017_05_31_09_27_08.pdf PAGE 2 2017_05_31_09_28_56.pdf PAGE 3 2017_05_31_09_29_43.pdf PAGE 4 2017_05_31_09_30_20.pdf PAGE 5 2017_05_31_09_31_00.pdf PAGE 6 2017_05_31_09_31_41.pdf PAGE 6 2017_05_31_09_32_43.pdf PAGE 7 2017_05_31_09_33_22.pdf PAGE 8 2017_05_31_09_33_58.pdf
  2. Paul

    The is my 1/100 HMS Victory by Heller. I purchased it in 1985 and still have to add the gun ports and rope coils. The complete build log can be found at: http://www.bishophobbies.com/category/showcase/hms-victory/