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  1. I had the display case custom built for my office. Yea - I do have a lot of hobbies - astrophotography, sports cars, pretty much any kind of model building too. I have a 9 foot shelf HO layout with 7 steam engines. I guess I like steam engines too.
  2. Ok - here is my work area - the first 3 photos are my office area and the others are in the adjacent room - storage room and shipyard.
  3. I purchased the Imai version of the Heller 1/100 HMS Victory back in 1985 from Model Expo for half price - $50.00. The instructions are a lot better then the original Heller one's. I have attached the PDF files if any one needs them. I just removed the staple and scanned the resulting pages at 300 dpi so each scan contains multiple pages. Cheers, Paul PAGE 1 2017_05_31_09_27_08.pdf PAGE 2 2017_05_31_09_28_56.pdf PAGE 3 2017_05_31_09_29_43.pdf PAGE 4 2017_05_31_09_30_20.pdf PAGE 5 2017_05_31_09_31_00.pdf PAGE 6 2017_05_31_09_31_41.pdf PAGE 6 2017_05_31_09_32_43.pdf PAGE 7 2017_05_31_09_33_22.pdf PAGE 8 2017_05_31_09_33_58.pdf
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  11. Hornet, That's a nice idea - I had a similar problem and ordered a sewing rack as pictured. I've found this to work out well for me.
  12. I'm currently building the Heller HMS Victory and have a set of aftermarket sails I want to use. When I built my Model Shipways Privateer Rattlesnake I added the sails after I had installed and rigged the yardarms and that worked ok - but the rigging on the Victory is more complex and perhaps it's better to attach the sails to the yardarms before they are installed and rigged on the ship. Any thoughts?
  13. Hi there, I too just purchased the HMS Surprise from the (I think) same unnamed vendor for the same price! While the instructions have great photo illustrations, the text is very sparse. Can you tell me where I can get the free Deagostini instructions? Also does anyone know where I can replace the bow figure? It's just a blob. Thanks a bunch, Paul
  14. I've been building models for a long long time. I quit when we were raising our 5 kids, but now I'm retired and have the time. I have a website that is quite extensive. While most of my work has been in plastic models, I have build the Model Shipways Privateer Rattlesnake back when it had a rough carved hull. You can see pics of it on my website here: Here is an article covering the build: I'm currently working on the Heller 1/100 HMS Victory, when that is finished I'll be starting the Artesania Latina 1/48 HMS Surprise which arrived yesterday. Cheers, Paul