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  1. How on earth do you expect me to follow that. She absolutely lovely mate, if I can get 1/10th close to that I'll be a happy man. For an old model she's looking pretty pristine. Be Good mobbsie
  2. Hi Andy, We all had to start somewhere mate, for every problem you have and fix is experience gained. There is a great deal of satisfaction when a problem is corrected and it doesn't matter if help was sought, you still have to make the repair / fix. I think in this situation I would follow Spyglass's suggestion and cheat, you just need to work out the width's of the planks either side of the centre line. You know how many planks should go in so you will be able to make the adjustments. Good luck with the fix and you really do need to open a build log. Be Good mobbsie
  3. Augie you were always full of surprises and boy you really saved this one up. The news has shacken me to the core. I for one and all who knew you at MSW will miss you terribly. I can't believe we won't be getting anymore fishy tales about the one that got away. Sleep well my friend mobbsie
  4. Wayne I'm hoping Wayne's going to empty his message box, and congrats and good luck with the new job mate. mobbsie
  5. Hi Jeff, Thanks mate, the corrections are very concise and easy to understand. Be Good mobbsie
  6. OK, I'm thinking my little corner is positively Neolithic, that is a serious workshop Jack, I couldn't fit a rocking chair in my space. Be Good mobbsie
  7. Welcome aboard Max, my first ship was the HM Brig Badger, fairly easy hull & mast construction but a lot of rigging. Whatever you decide I'm sure will be right for you. Good luck and happy modelling. Be Good mobbsie
  8. Welcome home mate. Excellent planking mate, and that is a good fix with the gun ports. Good to have you back Be Good mobbsie
  9. Hi Aldo, I've missed you mate, been a while. I certainly hope that your health improves my friend and that some building no matter how small resumes. These last few years have not served you well and I sincerely hope and pray they are behind you, I wish you blue skies on the horizon my friend. mobbsie .
  10. Hi Errol, Welcome from Harwich, England and welcome to a great forum mate. You'll get all the help and assistance you may require here as there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills. When your ready post your pictures into your log and show us where your at, we'd love to see them. Be Good mobbsie
  11. I'm with you on this one Keith, I was alerted to the problem of missing pictures by Anja and Sjors, having checked my log I found I had lost 58 pictures, these were manually restored which was not a problem, all seems ok now. With regard to IE11, this was uploaded to my laptop as a supposed upgrade, it gave me nothing but trouble when trying to download pictures to my log. I got a lot of help from MSW members as to how to get rid of it and restore IE10, this was done and I now have no problems at all. Perhaps you could give that a try. I don't think we should be getting into the blame culture here, it's just one of those mishaps that occur once in a while. I would like to thank Admin collectively for the way in which this matter has been handled, well done guys. mobbsie
  12. Hi Guys, I now look upon Anja and Sjors in a different light, they were sneaky and underhand and both Chris ( Admiral ) and myself had a most fantastic time. Everyday was a great surprise and they told us nothing, from meeting Sintaklaas and Zwarte Piet to dinner in the their favourite restaurant. The Klompen event left me with tears in my eyes and a big smile on Sjors's face, boy that was close. Anja, Sjors we both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an absolutely wonderful time. You are truly a great couple. mobbsie
  13. Good Morning Harley, I'm afraid I cannot give you any manufacturer's details for these vices mate as I've had them a good while now, the vice on the left I have had over 20 years, the cost would not have been much, a few pounds that's all. The vice on the right I purchased from a company called Troutflies UK, it came from their budget range and cost £6.99, I also purchased at the same time a Spigot Bobbin Holder £3.99 from the same company. There are no attachments, just the vices and bobbin, I use the cheapest I can find and the most basic, I don't need to rotate the work so no point in getting the fancy vices. Prices have gone up but they range from £9.99 up to £320.00, ($15.86 to $507.94 US). Basic is best. Hope that helps. mobbsie
  14. Hi Guys, I have so far found the screw jaws a better vice to use mainly because it's easy to catch the release lever. If your not completed on a job the release of tension may cause the work to have to be redone. The Bobbin is used to wrap the seizing around the thread, this can then be left hanging until you are ready to tie off. Hope that helps. mobbsie
  15. Good Morning Sam / Q. A. I have taken a few pics of my fly tyers showing how I use them, for the purpose of these pics I have not used the correct main thread and the seizing thread is just ordinary cotton. They are a "G" clamps which fits onto the edge of the workspace so the distance can be what ever you like, I'm showing close work. The starting knot is a Clove Hitch and the end knots are 2 x Half Hitches. The first picture is a 5mm Deadeye set up in the screw jaws with the trailing line thread clamped in the quick release. The Bobbin is just hanging holding the line taught The finished item, bearing in mind this is only a demo piece Next is a Long Block, this was completed a while ago but still by the same method but with a brass rod to form the eye. Here is an eyebolt that has been put in the screw jaws a tread attached to that then a 3mm double block tied in. So there we have it guys, hope that's not too long winded and that it shows what can be done. If you have any other questions that I am able to help with ask away. mobbsie