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  1. Now that really is a fine piece of work mate, a lot of effort and thought gone into that wheel. So that's the practice wheel out of the way now you can start on the final piece. Very well done Grant that wheel is truely fabulous. Be Good Mobbsie
  2. That's some truley great work Grant. The wheel is going to look fantastic when completed, so hurry up, I wonna see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen a cutwater done like that before, I just love it. Altogether very well done mate Be Good mobbsie
  3. No words of wisdom or questions mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Gob-Smacked. Still watching Be Good mobbsie
  4. WOW, your definately moving up to the next level of skills here mate, that is some really good engineering. Is there any difference in the weight of the original wheel and the new one. ? just thinking about ballasting and overall weight of the boat. Makes me wonder if your ever going to find satisfaction in the general kits available, the skies the limit mate. I am watching. Be Good mobbsie
  5. Hi Grant, I'm intrigued to see how you develop the cutwater, I've never seen this before mate, looks interesting. Good luck on getting the wheel centred, that's not going to be easy but I think I know how your going to tackle it. Just don't make it too complicated though, you know I don't do complicated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watching with great interest my friend. Be Good mobbsie
  6. Hi Grant Graphics look great mate and are a very nice touch, bit of a romantic really aren't you. The stand looks functional and will not detract from the boat if used in your final display, simple yet very effective. I'll also wish you a Very Happy Birthday my friend, still a young pup at 56. Be Good mobbsie
  7. ​Hi Grant, Just checking in mate and WOW, she is coming along in leaps and bounds. A wise move mate to treat the underside of the hull, bearing in mind who is going to be driving it. ( I would never dream of saying a thing like that mate, but I was told to by the boss, honest). She morphing into a thing of beauty Grant, be very proud mate. Be Good mobbsie
  8. Hi Grant, Having seen the damage to the hull after your first repair mate you can heartily slap yourself on the back, a first class repair job my friend, well worth going the extra mile. That decking is really going to look stunning when sanded an polished up. Altogether mate a bloody good job all round, well done. Stay safe at work mate. Be Good mobbsie
  9. Hi Guys, I'm back, I haven't been around lately for several reasons, the main reason being that through my own stupidity my Laptop crashed, I wont go into detail but suffice to say it stopped working. Through the help of several friends I am now back on line and raring to go, I have at this stage got to thank Carl ( cog ) for all his help and assistance, it's down to you that I'm back ( you can get him later guys ). A big THANK YOU Carl, your a diamond. A lot of progress has been made since my last post so I will be doing a few post in succession to try and catch up. The hull with the mast a yard to the front, these were quite simple to build due mainly to there being no fiddly bits, all that I changed were the pulley wheels in the masthead, The Hull with Mast and Yard in the fore. The Mast Head, with the replaced pulleys. This is the main fixing point for the Yard, 3mm Morope seized on with .75mm black thread. Now for some Sail Making The sail is made from a sheet of kit supplied Calico, this was first washed and ironed then cut diagonally from corner to corner, then I stained one piece with 4 teabags in boiling water, this was left for several hours until it got to the colour I wanted. When dry it was ironed again the edges were brushed with diluted PVA. The Bolt-rope was made from 1mm Caldercraft rope, the lengths were measured and Becket's tied in. the Bolt-rope was laid on the edge of the sail and the edge was then folded over the rope and again given a coat of PVA. The bolt-rope is now fitted and the PVA has dried. One of the three Becket's The sail has now been marked up with pencil and is now ready to go to the seamstress. The seamstress has done her job and a nice job at that. ( think I'll keep her on ). Next up was to stretch the sail and fix it to the yard. The Becket's were tied using .5mm black thread. I then started to stitch fixing loops onto the sail. With all the loops stitched on the sail was bent to the yard using .75mm black thread. The sail has now been completely bent to the mast and the Reev's also attached. The completed sail. That's it for now guys, a further update will follow very shortly. Be Good mobbsie
  10. Hi Hennie, The fleet grows ever larger mate, nicely done. Be Good mobbsie
  11. Hi Grant, Slow but good progress mate, glad you didn't get any damage when removing the planks you put on. Looking forward to seeing more progress my friend. I believe my Laptop is now fixed so I will be posting very soon. Gotta catch up mate. Be Good mobbsie
  12. Hi Guys, Help required please, I'm having trouble with my P.C. My laptop crashed a while ago and as a result I'm now operating Windows 10, I'm experiencing trouble downloading my pictures in my log for an up-date I know for a fact that some have experienced the same, can you come to the aid of an old git who needs help. Thanks Guys mobbsie
  13. I love it when you do the paintwork Denis, it's so clean and precise. You always seem to get such a good finish on it too. Keep it up mate. Be Good mobbsie
  14. Puts a whole new meaning to the term Jigy-Jig, nice plan Mark. Be Good mobbsie