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  1. Lower deck glued with no issues. The support for the gun deck which have to be glued after the lower deck shows a gap (see picture) of about 1mm, so I have place a bit of wood (planks from a previous model with 0.5mm thickness) on both the ends. Don’t want any surprise later with alignments, two of the supports have some kind of slots and I try to have them aligned the best I can, just in case. Of course I have had trimmed the excess of the inserts 
  2. Lower deck planked with no major issues, the instruction shows the deck in one single piece but it come actually split in two, not a problem just glued the two halves. After getting few advice from more expert members I decided for 10cm planks with a slide up of 2.5cm and a pattern of 4 repetitions. I took the risk to buff the deck with some clear bench oil (was in the lower deck anyway ) you can see the difference with the oil on end without it. Pretty happy with the result. Should I apply varnish? Open for any advice. For the more expert that will read this if they can spot any mistake or have any improvement or tips to give, I m very happy to receive them before the other decks start.
  3. olopa67

    Greetings from Wollongong Australia

    Hi John i might come for a visit one of.these days with the kids. do you work at the museum?
  4. olopa67

    Greetings from Wollongong Australia

    thank you Bedford good to know that there is someone local.
  5. it help a lot Jeff thank you so much. i will start the planking to night australia time.
  6. thank Mark more or less this is my view as well but i donnt want to end up with a build that i like but looks ridiculously out of contest or proportion. and i dont have enough experience, yet, to know what the boundaries are.
  7. thank you Jeff i will definitely take your offer πŸ˜€. your job looks great and your building log already gave me few useful tips.
  8. thank you all of you for the info really appreciate
  9. Hello Pirates, I m ready to plank the lower deck of my Revenge by Amati and I was wandering what is the rule to calculate how long a plank on the deck should be. the scale of the kit is 1:64, I do not have a clue hoe long in real life the planks usually are. thank you in advance
  10. olopa67

    Greetings from Wollongong Australia

    Hi Richmond and Louie and thanks for the greetings. @Louie da fly yes I started a building log today and I will try to update as soon I make progress.
  11. Just started The Revenge by Amati a couple days ago, after I build my new work bench. the frame is done and now I m proceeding to planking the lower deck . I Have a very basic experience and hopping to find any kind of help of support from anyone willing to do it. I just would like to apologize in advance for my English which I know is not the best being Italian my first language, so please do not shoot on the piano player πŸ™‚
  12. Hi everyone, my name is Paolo and I m from Wollongong NSW Australia. I just started the Revenge from AMATI
  13. Hi Jeff, my name is Paolo first of all thank you for this blog, your model looks very good. i just start mine and it is my first model at this difficult level. hopping for the best. i will definitely use your building log as guide if you dont mind. can i ask you if you have a specific rule on how long you cut the planks for the deck? thank you and again compliment
  14. Hi Greg very nice job I use your blog as main reference in combination with a couple others I could not glue a toothpick without. can I ask you what did you use in the second pic of your blog on the right side of the boat? This is my first model ever and I start thinking that maybe I ve pushed too much, but I m not giving up easly despite all the icupsi ve encounter. I hope I could post sam same question without bordering you too much. have a nice day paolo
  15. Hi Andrieke im building as well the same boat ( my very first boat model) Which part did you used to plank the lower dek? Do u cut yourself? And if it so how do u identify the right one to cut? Sorry for my silly questions but it is my very first job and i dont want to spoiled so soon . Than you for your time

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