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  1. Carrianne a 18' sprit rigged skif

    Nice little boat!
  2. 99 Regina4

    Thanks for the appreciation, Jack! After so many years (+20), I'm pleased with the outcome.
  3. San Felipe

  4. BB Regina

    A heavily bashed version of the Billing Boats Regina, an 19th century "Jagt" Yacht. Sources used are The Gaff Rig Handbook by John Leather. Plank on frame models Vol I+II by Harold Underhill. And the ever present www.
  5. Final Photo For Forum 009

    Apart from the little schooner itself (which is a real gem) I like your photography David. So sensible
  6. First kit after 20 years hiatus. For the fun of it, it is the same kit a received as gift on my 10th birthday.
  7. IMG 0861

    Until the "holding in hand" picture one thinks this ship is MUCH bigger. Excellent work Chris!
  8. port view

    What lovely boat, so loaded with details! Splendid!
  9. This was one of my favourite logs from the old forum and I just HAD to restart it. Please post pictures of your working area along with a description. It is so refreshing to see how different we have set up our man (and woman) caves.