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  1. I have used several brands (and no name brands) and had the same problem with all of them. It's not really important though as they are relatively cheap and do enough work before breaking.
  2. Working more than one build

    My wife THINKS she can do multitasking, although she doesn't/can. I simply admit I can't. Back to the topic, I always work on two projects, and, like some guys said, when I feel frustrated/bored/blocked, I switch projects and refresh my brain.
  3. That's a good suggestion. Just don't try to design your model in Fusion or any other similar app from withing the virtual machine. The problem with virtual machines is that they don't use the full capabilities of your video card. VirtualBox does install a pseudo card driver, however it can be hardly used for the software we are talking about. We are using VMs for almost anything at work, but when it comes to CAD design, they simply cannot handle it. Ben is right, do your design in Mac and do the milling in a VM.
  4. I'm a big fan of Sketchup. However it might prove cumbersome when it comes to ship design. I know it can be done but I have a feeling it's not the best tool for this. If you ask me, I find it unacceptable to NOT have a built in splines engine after all these years. The extensions you find are kind of old and, as I struggled with them a few time ago, buggy (unless they've fixed some issues in the meantime). You don't need only the 2D tools to draft a plan. You also need surfacing smoothing possibilities, spline curvature analysis and so on. I'm using Sketchup for every project, but when I tried drafting a ship plan I went for something else.
  5. There were tough moments you lived there. I feel you because even here in Romania the news were full of information about the Irma and the devastation left on it's path. A few days ago, in a Romanian city with 320 k inhabitants (the 3rd in my country regarding the population), a storm hit leaving 8 deads and 137 wounded. That's a lot around here, we don't have extreme weather conditions, it's a moderate climate (you know, hot in summer and cold in winter). Sad thing, someone died after the entry city gate fell on him. That entry gate was restored by the local authorities last year. Yea. The wind was 90 km/h. Quite a lot. The main general rage after that event was that there was no warning system in place. Only on TV. No SMS messages, nothing. People died visiting the zoo. However, in Bucharest (the capital) they launched yesterday a red code for heavy storm. Schools were closed at 5 pm as the storm was announced for 8 pm. Yes, no SMS, but Facebook does a pretty god job spreading the word. The traffic was paralyzed as everyone rushed to take the kids from school and get to their homes. It was madness. The storm came indeed at 8 pm. And.. some nice lightnings and 10 minutes of heavy rain with some hail. That was about it. I'm not sure what the problem was. Incompetent weather specialists.. authorities overreacting to show they care (probably that). Anyway, the joke around here after this "storm" is: I am well aware that the global climate change is responsible for this extreme weather (I am physicist by formation). Responsible? No, we are the ones responsible. Me, and you reading this. Anyway, stay safe as for the moment this is all we can do.
  6. Ok... then why can't I do that too? It's not really important, I was just curious. Later edit: now that's really weird. I can now edit older posts. I swear until yesterday I couldn't. Well.. problem solved
  7. You can't edit older posts. At least I can't. I tried to edit one of my posts 5 hours later and I couldn't. It's either a forum setting managed by admins or just hard coded by the Invision platform (probably the former).
  8. Press Ctrl + 0 (zero) so you can get back to 100% zoom. You probably zoomed accidentally your browser using ctrl key and the wheel on your mouse.
  9. There is also Autodesk's Fusion 360, which is pretty much the Solidworks. You can download it and register as an enthuziast or hobbyst and you get free access to it (unless you work in a business above 100k/year). You must renew the register every year.
  10. Jesus, guys, I know I am immortal, I don't know about you though... What a collection you have there, Eddie...
  11. You can find plastic gears of about any size if you just pay a visit to a local printers service. They always have a pile of broken printers and there you can find such goodies The technicians there will think you're nuts, but hey...
  12. Yes, I was thinking more to a white picture added to the list of backgrounds to simulate the "No background" option I've switched to IPS default as suggested and it is a little better I like the layout of the forum. Good work.
  13. I think there should be a "No background" option though. No matter how beautiful the backgrounds are, for me a clean white page is more readable.