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  1. What have you received today?

    Feel like I'm spamming but... Another miniature plane, this time the Miniature Bench plane. Strange thing is I can't find any mention of this one on Veritas' homepage. Only missing their miniature block plane now...
  2. What have you received today?

    Got a Veritas Palm Plane... Cost a fortune but worth it
  3. Cutty Sark photo etch

    For blocks I would buy here: http://clasicmodel.com/shop/index.php?route=common/home And rope here:http://www.modellbau-takelgarn.de/englisch/
  4. Unknown Model Company

    Hi Chris, I doubt they upgraded the kit to double planking. A lot of other parts would have to be modified. Also, when I contacted NCB they knew nothing about the kit parts. Turkmodel answered quickly but they didn't think that parts that don't fit or where the wrong size was a problem.... And the damn ship is down here in the harbor so I don't understand how they could have got so much wrong in details I've had a look at their latest kit SKONAREN VEGA and quality has not gotten any better. Seems as Mariefred is their best kit and the one you should go for if you really must buy. I just got HMS Terror from Occre in Spain. This being a €99 kit it is way better than Bohuslän that cost me €285 Reputable resellers is not the same as reputable manufacturers Take care of your money
  5. Unknown Model Company

    The NCB kits are manufactured by Turkmodel and IMO quality is not that high. I built the SS Bohuslän and was not happy with it. A couple of guys in Sweden come up with what ships to make into kits and let Turkmodel do the kit. I have built kits from Amati, Occre, Caldercraft, Euromodel Como and corel, NCB has lower quality than any of these I'm afraid. And customer care is zero...
  6. What have you received today?

    Xmas came early this year: Amati Titanic Occre Nuestra Senora del Pilar and HMS Terror Life is good...
  7. Block basics

    Check these vids: One Two
  8. Looks like the database links has been mixed around. In Ship model materials and tools for example Phil krol's ropewalk links to some conversion table. Could someone take a look at it?
  9. suggestions for drill

    I'd go for Proxxon. less noise, better quality.
  10. 😱😱😱 You don't mean that they actually make crappy stuff in The US of A??? 😇😇😇 Thank you Greg for bringing some counterweight to the posts here. I'm pretty fed up with how certain folks here judge stuff from what part of the world it's from and not the manufacturer. Everything from Asia is pirated, everything from Europe is crap...
  11. What have you received today?

    Today I got the flu, a bad one... So now DER FRAU has given me hundreds of chores... Life is good because she says she only does this because she loves me...
  12. Dremel Drill pess adapter

    I hate to be the partybreaker, (well not really) but I had a Dremel 3000 and the drill stand and in my opinion it's crap. The drill stand is too wobbly to do anything more than drill a hole in the general direction of where you want it. I sold them and got me a Proxxon MB 200 drill stand and 240/e. Much more precise. I believe one can get a Dremel adapter to the the MB 200...

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