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  1. Hey Sherry...I saw your posting regarding the results or lack of so far in casting the cannons. For this size casting I definitely would be painting the resin on both sides of the mould, (if you made your mould properly, you should have a fairly good size reservoir to use) Why? Once you have painted both sides of the mould with resin, and "slap" the 2 parts together, in your case I would stand the mould vertically and pour some leftover resin in the reservoir and squeeze the mould halves together like you are giving it CPR, squeezing the air out and drawing the resin into the mould, pumping it vigorously. This is if you do not degas the resin with a vacuum chamber or vibration. This usually works very well...messy?...can be! How many barrels do you have in your mould? If you have several, this comes in handy in that you may have 4 in the mould and each casting get 1 to 2 that are perfect...still better than carving each....as you do more of this you will find little tricks that make it work better each time. How long do you have for setup time before the resin starts to turn solid? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Steve
  2. I would agree the postings above this, and go make an RTV rubber mould and resin casting. I would only make the one mould for now, but I would buy several, around 5 canon barrels and make the mould hold all five. Then you are only having to make about 20 castings. Tips when casting..You can vibrate the bubbles out of resin while in the mould if the mould is set vertically as the bubbles with rise to the top or make your self a homemade vacuum chamber using a clear fairly strong container that you can make a connection to your vacuum cleaner hose. This helps draw the bubbles out better than vibration. Having a clear plastic or glass (I used a large mason jar for mine attached to a refrigerator compressor with a surgical hose attached to a little pipe glued through the lid) having the container clear allows you to watch and regulate how long you need the suction. Steve
  3. Hey Sherry If you want to go wood, another idea could be to purchase a small drill press for a hand drill. I used to see them on sale occasionally at Canadian Tire. You could use that to hold the hand drill and basically set it up as vertical lathe by fixing a centre pin on the base to steady while turning. If you want to cast, I have done many moulds using RTV rubber purchased at local hobby stores for around $30. I would buy a barrel or carve one to use as the original plug. Cast as per Belco's posting and make a mould. You could either use metal or I would use polyester resin and cast as many as you need. That would be far less labour intensive than carving 100+ cannons. Buy a single 1/96 cannon barrel for around $2 plus shipping and use it as your plug. Hope this helps Steve
  4. Hey Sherry Why not buy some wood dowel, same as the maximum diameter and file and sand them down with a drill...cut them 1/2" longer to fit into the chuck, If you make a stand for the drill that would give you hands free...and you could make the stand so that it has another centre with a pin to hold the other end of the dowel to hold it steady while turning...a Dremel might even work better....I'm kind of thinking as I type. When the barrels are turned, then stain.... Just a thought... Steve
  5. Hi If anyone could help me locate a set of plans for the Mamoli FRIESLAND kit MV24 that would be greatly appreciated. I am missing the sheet that has page 4 on one side and page 5 on the back. So I am really only looking for either the one sheet printed both sides or possibly pdf's of each side and I will get them printed locally. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  6. Deciding which walnut variety looks the best.

    Hey Sherry Sample # 3 for me...not based on any one else's opinions, other than my own...I like the warmth and straight grain and red-brown tone Thanks for doing this survey...it was fun! Cheers Steve
  7. Deciding which walnut variety looks the best.

    Hey Augie Did that but it is still hard to make out #1...just saying! Steve
  8. Deciding which walnut variety looks the best.

    Me Again! When you say there were 4 varieties of walnut do you mean colour variations, grain variations or both? When you get a kit as you know it is all bundled nicely together and I would think, I don't want to assume because you know what they say when you assume? But I would hope that a good quality kit manufacturer has taken the time to screen through the selection of wood materials and has bundled according to colour, maybe not grain but at least colour. So the 2nd planking of walnut in a kit would likely be very similar in colour. To me, I don't mind grain variation as it can be nice to see the different planks as the grain variation will show that. All straight grain may not. So the grain may be more of a personal choice. Steve
  9. Deciding which walnut variety looks the best.

    Hey Sherry Is it possible to provide a close-up of each sample? It's a bit hard to make out sample #1 Are these different varieties of Black Walnut or just from different trees? Steve