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  1. I'm using the basswood from the kit for the most part. the tiller was carved from boxwood, that's about it.
  2. I've got the interior planking installed and painted. I'll give it a few more coats
  3. I've installed the cockpit seats and got them painted
  4. I created a jig to get the thwarts evenly spaced. I'm pleased with the results.
  5. Mike, Yes, I had to bend the risers in order for them to fit correctly. I soaked them in water for about 10 minutes, at that point they're soft enough to bend into position. I started from the bow and worked my way back because there you have to bend the wood in two directions. you have to curve it slightly down as well as around the frames. working your way back it gets easier. I measured from the sheer down equally the entire length and I just marked it with a pencil.
  6. Yes I agree, that's why I traced out the cap rail on a piece of card stock before installing the seat. So all I have to do is transfer it to wood. Having the outside dimensions correct it shouldn't be to hard to cut the inside edge and then fit it to the boat. The instructions doesn't have me trace out and install the cap rail for several more steps in the build. I think at that point it would be very difficult to trace it out.
  7. I got the back seat fitted and installed. I've put my first layer of paint on. I'll let that dry before putting the next layer down and continue the process until I'm satisfied with the paint job. One thing that I should mention is I created a template for the cap rail before installing the seat because I think once the seat is installed it will make it difficult to use the hull to trace out the cap rail.
  8. Thank you, It's definitely not perfect by any means but I push my way through it and try not to obsess over some of it's imperfections. There's a certain level that you got to live with in order to to progress.
  9. I've installed the risers. I'm slowly moving along.
  10. I installed the aft platform. I made it using a single sheet of basswood.
  11. I've spent the evening laying down the floor boards. It's not perfect but I can live with it.
  12. I went to my local hobby shop today and they had this model on the shelf. I had to buy it. I'll have this log to look to guide me with the build.
  13. I just finished the tiller. This is my first experience with boxwood and I really like how it carves. I think I'll be doing a lot of carving in the future.
  14. I thought it was going to be easier than the longboat also, but it's been quite a challenge for me. After I'm finished with this one I'm going to get away from building small model boats to building larger ships and boats. Maybe the planking will not be as difficult. I know every model is going to be a challenge in it's own way no matter the size.