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  1. Starboard view

    Excellent job!
  2. DSC02095.JPG

    Really nice build. Where did you get the display case?
  3. IMG_20170531_071548.jpg

    I have this kit and I'm looking forward to building it someday. Nice Job!
  4. 75.jpg

    Nice clean build. Very impressive.
  5. Downeast Wherry 1

    Nice model!
  6. Revenge, mid-deck view

    beautiful build.
  7. HMS Dreadnought 1907

    This is a great build.
  8. W.G. Eel 32 011

    Small crafts are my personal favorite models. Good job!
  9. IMG 1763[1]

    Fantastic craftsmanship!
  10. Lifeboat photo 4

    Great job!
  11. Very impressive model!
  12. Bounty mid construction

    Great job! my first build is still waiting to be finished.
  13. IMG 20141026 190154

    I've though about Just building boats rather than ships. This one is very inspiring, Great job!