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  1. Really nice build. Where did you get the display case?
  2. I have this kit and I'm looking forward to building it someday. Nice Job!
  3. Nice clean build. Very impressive.
  4. The book I'm referring to is by Willits D. Ansel. The book's title is, The Whaleboat: A Study of Design, Construction and Use from 1850 - 1970
  5. Thank you for your advise gentlemen. I probably will start with the whaleboat next and then move on to either of the two schooners. I'm going to take a ride to mystic seaport soon. There's a book on building the whaleboat in their bookstore that maybe of help, that I'm going to purchase before I start the build. Also that will give me an opportunity to take pictures of the real boats.
  6. I have four Model Shipways kits in my closet waiting to be built. since I haven't actually built and completed a ship model yet, I'm wondering which out of the three ships is the easiest to plank for a first time ship build? The Mayflower Pride of Baltimore 2 Benjamin Latham
  7. Nice model!
  8. beautiful build.