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  1. Hi folks. This is my miniature scratch-built model of the wooden sailing yacht, Binker. As is customary with my models, Binker is fully detailed inside, hence the partially planked deck. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. Thanks Patrick
  2. Hi folks Hot on the heels of finishing my last model, Shadow, I’ve excitedly started on what I think is my biggest challenge yet - Genesis, a 49m Luxury Mega Yacht, based on an actual ship named Khalilah, built by an American builder, Palmer and Johnson. The details of the ship, Khalilah, can be found here: https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-46797/khalilah-photos.htm#yacht-tabs As I don’t have any detailed plans, a lot of what I’m attempting is by sheer guess work, with a lot of help from a fellow MSW member (whose help and guidance I shall always appreciate). Like all of my other models, Genesis will have a fully detailed interior, from her engine room through to her sky deck. I hope you can follow me on my journey from here on. The following photos show where I’m up to so far with the hull. Lots and lots of work to go, folks!!! Thanks. Patrick
  3. Hi folks I was feeling a bit nostalgic tonight, so I dragged Genesis’ sisters from the fleet for a quick and nasty photo-shoot. Here goes.. Thanks Patrick
  4. Thanks for editing the title of this build log, Chris Coyle. I thought I had posted these photos on the Scratch Built Gallery, but it must’ve gone in as a build log instead, accidentally.
  5. I reckon you’re right, Josh. The new sails do look better. Cheers Patrick
  6. Hi Frank Top job on furling the mainsail. Nice and neat, as is typical of all of your work. Thanks Patrick
  7. Hi John Thanks for your comments, especially about the scrap piece of wood! All jokes aside, that’s one of the things that’s always amazed me about our hobby. We start with just raw materials, but end up with something very different. A thing of beauty, of character and in most cases, soul...much like your wonderful Maori canoe model. Thanks again and have a great week. Cheers Patrick
  8. Hi Denis I’m just catching up and wow, there’ve been some ups and downs from what I can see, but, boy, you pulled it off beautifully. Impressive, to say the least! Cheers Patrick
  9. Hi Josh That’s a pretty nifty mast-hinge idea you’ve got going on there. All in all, it looks like you’re going full steam ahead. Nicely done. Cheers Patrick
  10. Hi Keith That’s gotta take the ‘Comment of the Year’ Award!! Loved it. Put a smile on my face; that’s for sure. Cheers. Patrick
  11. Hi folks! Thanks for all of your Likes and comments. A quick update for you on Genesis. Last night, I painted the first coat of matt red paint below the waterline. The painting of the rest of the hull and superstructure is still progressing, but will require several more applications of wet and dry sandpaper and paint, before I’m satisfied with it. Have a great week. Cheers Patrick
  12. Hi Mehmet Well...my first reaction on seeing the pump was, ‘now that’s rusty!’ But, if you think it’s in keeping with the overall look and feel that you’re trying to achieve, then it looks appropriate. Cheers. Patrick
  13. Hi Mehmet Once again. simply amazing! Cheers Patrick
  14. Hi Josh I’m in. I’m not quite sure, (or should I say, totally bamboozled), how the devil you’re going to hinge and raise those masts once the boat’s in the bottle, but, I’m sure as hell going to stick around to find out! Cheers. Patrick
  15. Hi Marcus All of a sudden, she’s looking pretty grown up, with her masts and blocks, etc. Now the fun part really starts. Happy rigging. Cheers. Patrick
  16. No problems, Phil I’ll be waiting patiently for your next update! Cheers. Patrick
  17. Hi Lawrence Mmmm, let’s see. Treenails, ring bolts, hinges, doors, door knobs, etc. The more I look, the more details I see. Very nice, Lawrence. Very nice, indeed! Cheers Patrick
  18. Hi Marcus. Many thanks. Yep, I gotta agt7with you - those sensuous curves, are certainly a standout feature of this design. Hi Dave. Great to hear from you again! The launch and festivities aren’t too far away; that is, as long as there aren’t any major boo boos along the way....
  19. Hey Josh Nice idea! Gotta keep the tiny folks happy😀
  20. Go with your 'gut feeling', Ben. That's usually the best solution.
  21. Hey Ben I love that POV shot! It doesn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to see oneself walking through the interior admiring your handiwork! Nice job. Cheers. Patrick
  22. Hi Phil - thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated. Hi Josh - Thanks. The champagne’s on ice, pending a few more details like the engine room and lower deck that needs completion. Once they’re done...whoohoo! Champers time😊 Hi Michael - Thanks heaps for the compliments. I must admit that even I look at the hull sometimes and I still can’t quite believe that I did it. Talk about a ‘challenge’...definitely not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure. Hi Pat - Thanks for your compliments! Don’t worry...my maintenance shop would be happy to accommodate you😊.
  23. Funny you say that, Keith! I was just thinking the same thing. Great minds think alike😊 Cheers Patrick

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