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3D Printed Parts-What parts in 1/48 scale would you want printed?

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Ahoy Mates


I have been getting some 3D printed parts for my builds and have been asked by the designer as to what modelers would want made in 1/48 scale.


What would you want printed that you would buy?




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Keith, I think the easy answer to your question would be replacement/upgrade parts for all those cheap (mostly very poor quality) white-metal / britannia metal parts you find in kits including decorations, cannon, figureheads, etc.  If these are done with more care for the detail there may be a market especially if packaged as 'detail up packages" for various ship kits (*much as the PE you find for some ships and many plastic aircraft models).


I have just had a whole ship done (at 1:350) and the level of detail that can be achieved using the right printing medium is incredible.





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