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  1. These models are so nice, I cannot find the proper phrase in English. Do I remember correct that you intended to weather your own model? Have you been salt chipping in secret?
  2. This funnel is indeed a good candidate for 3D printing. It's really not that difficult once you have gained some (not much) experience with the software. Google and Youtube are excellent sources.
  3. Looks nice. Looking forward to future updates. I understand you've had problems with adding photos. Maybe there's some help to find in the Q&A section?
  4. What a really nice build so far! And thanks a lot for the tip to soak the wood in gin - will indeed prove valuable
  5. I have been waiting for an update on this marvelous log. The decks looks nice. Good to have you back in here!
  6. I will follow this build as I love ships of this era. You will find some additional photos that you might find useful of the Fulani here: http://www.photoship.co.uk/JAlbum%20Ships/Old%20Ships%20F/index17.html Also nice that other Norway based people are on ths forum!
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