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  1. I noticed there are 3 volumes of The Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship by Steel. Are they all very different or is there a lot of duplicate information between the volumes? I can't get on the San Francisco Maritime website to check out what they have on-line. It seems to be down right now. Tom
  2. Hi Frankie. I too will be putting it in as per the plans. Thanks for the input. Your model looks good. Dave, thanks for the link. I will definitely make use of this. Tom
  3. Hi Dave thanks for the reply. I could not find this info in my book. I have Elements of Mastmaking Sailmaking and Rigging. I did see a reference to a fore stay sail for a 20 gun ship in the sailmaking section on page 82, plate XVI. is there another Steel book? I also can’t locate any tables with rope sizes. It does have block information. Sounds like Ike there might be another book I might need to add to the library. Tom
  4. Hello out there. I am working on the HMS Leopard and I am starting to work on the bow sprit area. I was looking ahead a bit at the standing and running rigging to see how it works together with bow sprit, Jin and flying jib. My question concerns the stay sails, particularly the fore stay sail. The plans show it but all the reference material I have seen makes no mention of it except Lennarth Peterson’s Rigging Period Ship Models (pg 87). I am trying to follow Steele’s Elements of Mast Making and Rigging, Mondfeld’s Historic Ship Models and Harland’s Seamanship in the Age of Sail but none of
  5. Jim The repair looks fantastic. Thanks for the heads up on the belaying pins. I am starting to study these and other rigging plans for the bow sprit as I am thinking that will be the next section I will be working on. Lot of stuff going on in a small area. Your model is really looking good with the evolving rigging. Tom
  6. Hi Jim my take away from this is always wear a short sleeve short when modeling. 😜. Hang in there, we have all broken a thing or two even on purpose sometimes. Hopefully you don’t end up with too much to redo. You are not ready to abandon ship yet. It is coming along very fine. Tom
  7. Thanks Mark. That is kind of what I thought since I did not find any definitive info. I guess any way that keeps the boat put is the right way in this case. Tom
  8. Hi all I am looking for info on how the cutters were secured or lashed to the skid beams. Right now they are sitting in small cradles. I was going to put some eye hooks on the beams on both sides of each boat and just run a rope from the eye, over the boat and then down to the eye on the other side. I would do this both fore and aft for each boat. Any possible solutions would be appreciated. thanks Tom
  9. Thanks Jim. I am in Philadelphia this weekend visiting my daughter so nothing going on in the shipyard now. Gotta admit though that spending the weekend here with her is more fun. 😁. Next week I will make the oars, secure the skid beams and then lash down the boats. Then I will take a look at tapering the stem as mentioned above. Tom
  10. Hi Allan thank you for bringing it up. I have never seen anything anywhere regarding a taper but it makes sense. It does not seem to be too late to do something. That’s why they make files and sand paper😁. If I can’t fix it, bow legged women it is! 😜. Thanks again. Tom
  11. Little change of pace. Decided to work on long boats ... a long one and a short one.😁. They still need oarlocks and some eye bolts for lifting and strapping down to the skid beams which are only dry fit at this point. My goal was to have this done in time to display at the April conference in New London, CT next year... not at the pace I’m going! Weather is too nice. Going to need more rainy days. 😜 Tom.
  12. Hi Shortgrass, Take a look at some of the pics in my build log for the Leopard. I just use 4 small blocks screwed to a piece of board. On the blocks is a pool noodle that I cut off 4 pieces about 2 -3 inches long and then sliced them down one side the long way. Placed these on top of the blocks and the boat nestles in quite nicely. After a while the foam starts to take the shape of the hull which holds it even better. You can get fancy with adjustable blocks for different widths but it really isn't necessary if you are going to be working on a single model for a while. The whole thi
  13. Hi Jim, It must have been quite an adventure tying those blocks. Creative vocabulary would have been used if it was me! At least it is behind you. She is coming along very nicely. Tom
  14. Hi Jim, Are you sure about the number of knots? I think you might have miscounted. You should count them again. 😉 Looks great. Bummer about the bumpkin but it looks like a great fix. Nobody will be the wiser. Tom
  15. Hi Gary, Thank you for the answer. That never even crossed my mind. I guess my inexperience is showing through. Always learning in this hobby which is one of the reasons why it is so interesting. Tom
  16. Can someone tell me what the function of this piece is? It looks like it might be used to help with the longboats. It is hung off the outside edge of the midship channel. There is a hook on one end and slides into a hole on a bracket that is attached to the channel. At the aft side of the same channel there is another bracket that the pole just seems to “snap” into. So it is definitely meant to be taken on and off. I made one for each side as per the plans but don’t really know why. 😳 Tom
  17. Jim progress looks great. I feel your pain regarding wiring on something for a while only to have it break near the end. Hope you hit the lottery so you can hire someone to finish up the rat lines. You will probably need most of the lottery winnings to pay the person. I am sure they don’t come cheap!😁 Tom
  18. Definitely agree with used Starrett for E-Bay. I work in the tool making industry and it is the "go to" brand for tools. I have bought the cheap ones and you get exactly what you pay for. I bought my existing pin vises as a used Starrett set from E-Bay and don't regret it for a second. Tom
  19. These are pretty good. I purchased the "baby" on amazon for a few bucks. Tom
  20. Hi Jim, Glad to see you are back at it. The model is really looking good. I to wondered where all the lines were going to be belayed. There just doesn't seem to be enough belaying pins on the drawings. I like the extra pin racks on the poop deck. That deck is relatively bare and so makes sense to add some there. I am sure I will be doing something similar when I get to that point. Keep up the good work and if the Admiral won't let you cut a hole in the ceiling above the refrigerator then maybe you can just get a shorter one! Tom
  21. Hi Jim It is good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder if you hit a big lottery jackpot and ran off to some secluded tropical island 🏝. Hope you get to get back to those rat lines soon. Thanks for the compliments. My progress goes in short spurts also. That darn life thing seems to get in the way for a lot of people. 😁. Maybe one of the moderators can help you with you notification issue. Tom
  22. Finished some of the bow work and played with some of the small sculptures on the stern. Michael Angelo has nothing to worry about. 😁. Progress is a good feeling no matter how small. At 1:85 scale the sculptures can get pretty small so detail is very difficult. At least for me. Tom
  23. Hi Mark T i just saw Chuck this past weekend at the Northeast Joint Modeling Conf. In New London CT. Bought some blocks. Saw his rope too. Very nice. Thanks for the interesting information about the tar colors. Definitely keep it in mind for the next. Just have to make the cranes for the forecastle deck and then string up the beige Tulle and the netting (except on the bow) will be a thing of the past on this model. 😁. Wasn’t my favorite part so far but it really put a nice touch to the model. Tom
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