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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. As always, I learn from the MSW site. It seems to me that the majority of information points to putting it at the top of the gaff. That doesn't make it right as Druxey points out only a time machine would settle the point. I just happen to notice this situation as I am getting ready to make all the yards. I intend to put sails on her so she would be out to sea. Based on all the info above I am thinking about going with the ensign at the gaff peak. I am still a ways off from this point in my model construction so I will have plenty of time to change my m
  2. I have a question regarding the stern flag pole on my HMS Leopard rigging plans. The standing rigging plan shows what I believe to be a flag pole mounted to the stern. Seems reasonable until I look at the running rigging plan and see see that the spanker boom runs out past it. How does the spanker boom go past center when rigged to the port or starboard side? Far from a rigging expert, what am I missing? Standing rigging plan running rigging plan Any help would be appreciated. Tom
  3. Just received my copy. Looks like it contains some useful and practical info on how certain tasks were accomplished by this particular scratch modeler. Looks like I have some decent reading material for those rare times when I actually take a lunch hour😁 Thanks again for the recommendation Bob. 👍 Tom
  4. Ondras, Very nice work on this model. I have this on my list of possible future builds. Your work is pushing this model higher up on my list. Keep up the great work and keep sharing pics. Tom
  5. Hi Jim I don’t know about the final stages. I still need to make the figurehead and various other items as well as all the yards not to mention all the sails! I have been jumping around a bit to cut down on the repetition of some tasks. Still a long way to go. I made my own belaying pins. As you mentioned, the purchased ones are a bit out of proportion. I made 2 small jigs that consisted of a small strip of wood with 2 nails set at the distance I wanted the dead eyes to be apart from each other. I put one pin through the fixed deadeye in the channel and the other in t
  6. Had to do some business travel last week so things are going a bit slow. Started to work on the lower main mast shrouds. This is going to take a while. Made all the rope for the shrouds for the three lower masts. Still have to get them sized to length and served as I mount each one. Hey there are only 58 lower ones with 12 done already! I’m practically done! Okay I know what everyone is thinking... just don’t pop my bubble😜😁 Tom
  7. Dan, I am truly sorry to here about your situation. It is because of people like you that kept this site such a wonderful place of knowledge and friendships. Your services and input are greatly appreciated here and will be sorely missed. I wish you and your family well in a difficult situation. Tom
  8. Hi Jim, I do plan on having a full compliment of sails including the stay sails between the masts, but not the studding sails. As I said I spent the better part of 2 weeks just planning out where all the lines will go. With a full set of sails comes a lot of lines which is why I have so many pins. I did remember to hang the block under the main and fore tops for the nave lines. Thanks again for the heads up. I will be making the various size shroud ropes tomorrow and start looking into installing the lower ones. Then I am off to Philadelphia to visit my daughter for a couple of days.
  9. Slow progress report. I spent the last few weeks pouring over books about rigging this beast. I also spent a week layout out the belaying points for all the lines. That was quite the project. I also put in some extra belaying pins based on what I learned from the books and what Jim (Bluto1790) told me about his experiences. I started to attach lines and blocks to the “hard to get at” areas while things are yet glued into place. I also practiced tying a cleat onto a shroud. My shrouds won’t be white on the model. I made a white one so I could see what I was doing or trying to do. !
  10. I also have used this site. Great service and response. Tom
  11. John, While reading your reply I thought maybe paper clips could work. Less bulky than clamps/clothes pins. I am not sure I have never tried it. Tom
  12. John here is a pic of what I do with the sticky note paper to keep my lines somewhat organized. There are a bunch hanging from the top on the foremast in the background Tom
  13. Hi John I have not yet had this problem. I just press the paper around the coiled rope and it seems to hold. I will try to post a pic when I get home tonight. Tom
  14. Instead of using tape, I use the little yellow sticky (memo) pads. I cut the parts with the adhesive into little strips long enough so that when I fold it in half over one side of the rope loop it sticks to itself. I can even write on it so I can reference what line is what. That is important to me as I am still learning all the aspects of rigging. Just my 2 cents. Tom
  15. Hi Jim I drafted it myself using Solidworks. I don’t remember the exact book but I do remember looking up room and space information and just started laying them out using one of the center section planes on the plan and working from there. Probably not totally correct but at the time with my limited experience it seemed to work. Tom
  16. Hi Jim You’re a funny guy. Actually haven’t touched it. Have to get all the Christmas shopping done first... oh yeah, and maybe a party or two... or three. 😁. Hopefully next week during the holiday week I can put some time into them. Happy holidays to you and your family. Tom
  17. It’s been a bit since I posted but I managed to get all the mast components completed. Still need to stain the upper components to match the lower ones. There was a lot more work making them than I originally thought but all came out pretty good for my first scratch build. Everything is still in the dry fit stage until I can go through the rigging plans to determine what blocks go where on the tops, crosstrees etc. Tom
  18. Well done Jim. Your perseverance has definitely paid off resulting in a beautiful model. Tom
  19. First, thanks everyone for their help ful comments and likes and a special thanks to Jim (Bluto 1790) for all the insights on some of the rigging issues he is currently going through and that will be part of my somewhat near future. Decided to get started on some of the mast work. Nothing is glued yet, just dry fitting as much as possible right now. Probably start on the top masts and fitting them to the existing masts and add the railings to the tops. Tops still need rear railings. Still need to figure out what blocks need to be attached to the underside of the tops. Easier
  20. You are correct about the plans and rigging book. Sounds like I will be doing the same with adding cleats and pins all over the place. The good thing is there really is no right or wrong way to rig the lines as long as the are orderly and make sense. Adding the cleats to the masts was a good idea I had not thought of. Tom
  21. Well done Jim. I am definitely going to use your log photos to help guide me through my rigging. You must be getting excited, you are definitely entering the home stretch. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is starting to flicker. Tom
  22. Hi Jim “That vertical 'stick' above the martingale isn't the bowsprit flagstaff, it's just a cocktail stick inserted where the flagstaff will eventually live.” Cocktails are very important. Oh, I meant cocktail sticks. 🍸😁. Nice job on the bow rigging and anchors. Your model is turning out quite nicely. Tom
  23. Hi Grandpa Phil yes I agree. I decided to put it on as per the plans. Tom
  24. Thanks Vince. I was finally able to get on the website and check it out. Definitely worth a bookmark. Maybe Christmas present ideas.😉 Tom
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