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  1. Got a little further. The lower shrouds and sheer poles are all in place. I guess mounting the crosstrees for the topmasts are next so I can put on the upper shrouds next. Just keep picking away at the standing rigging. Also need to mount the flying job boom so I can finish the bow sprit standing rigging. As far as wood work I still need to make all the yard/spars ant that should be about it for making saw dust. Hope everyone is safe and well as we plow through this pesky pandemic. Happy modeling. Tom
  2. Hi John, I would appreciate the plans when your done. I am definitely in no hurry. I am only on the just getting into the rigging on my Leopard. I have the masts completed but still need to make the spars. The standing rigging is only about 1/3 complete. I am going to add sails so I am sure that will take a bit. You will finish before me I am sure. Speed is not in the formula for me. Keep up the good work. I am definitely going to pull up a chair and follow. Your log is excellent. Tom
  3. I am a sails guy. Whether furled or full they are part of the ship and add to the character of the time periods. As previously stated by many, usually cloth sails are a bit out of scale if you are working around 1:87 or smaller. They can be very tedious but can definitely add to the "wow" factor. Just my humble opinion. Tom
  4. Hi John, I just ran into this log and am very impressed. I am thinking of my next build as I am a few months... maybe away from finishing my current build. I live about an hour away from Mystic and was thinking the Morgan should be my next build since it is in my back yard. I would be doing it from scratch so I will need to procure a set of plans, most likely from the Mystic museum but they see to be overly expensive. I will follow along and use this log as a guide as it is well done. Keep up the nice work. Tom
  5. Very sad news. RIP Dan and my thoughts to his family. The world is a lesser place without him. Tom
  6. Thank you everyone, I did go with the sheer poles for two reasons. First, as everybody mentioned, there is no definitive answer so go with what you think. Secondly and probably most important, I had already installed 4 of them before I started reading about them. 🙂 Previously, I was just looking at other models and mechanically thought it just made sense to have them. They are now part of my model. Thanks again for checking me. Tom
  7. Hi all I got to spend some time Time on my build amid all the spring yard work and planting. I rigged up the anchors along with the anchor bouys. The bouys are currently attached to the anchors but the lines are just laying on the deck until I get the first few rat lines installed. Then I can mount the bouys to those and the shear pole. I put a question out there regarding the shear poles in the mast and rigging section but did not get any responses. Also got the Mizzen mast and fore and main topmasts in place. I plan on attacking the Mizzen shrouds next and the the rest of the m
  8. Hi Aon Sometimes the history research can be just as rewarding as building the model itself. My hat’s off to you for taking this project to another level that is not always done...at least to the depth you have done. Tom
  9. Hi MSW i have a question about whether it would be correct to use a wooden shear pole at the base of the shrouds on my 1797 HMS Leopard. I have seen pics with wood and just a rope for the first ratline. Monfeld’s book Historic Ship Models shows a picture of one page 285 but it says 19th century in the caption. The futtock staves seem to be rope and not wood in the brief text on page 282. Can these be wood if the shear pole is wood? just trying to make it as right as my talents will allow. Tom
  10. Okay. So the pin idea worked. The shank and flukes are now 90* from the stock. I used a .025 dia brass nail and snipped the head off. Drilled a hole in the end of the skank and underside of the stock. Pressed in the pin and glued. Much better than making it all over. I need to stop working on the model late at night. Sometimes the brain shuts off but forgets to tell you. 😜. Thanks again to Beef Wellington for pointing this out to me. Tom
  11. Hi Beef! Thanks for pointing that out. I also realized this the next morning when I looked at it again. Something didn’t quite look right and when I looked at the picture in the book ... duh. Luckily I only assembled that one before I slapped my forehead and called myself things I care not to put in print here. 🤬🤬. I have not worked on them for a few days because of a 5 yard pile of mulch that l needed to get off my driveway and into the landscaping beds. That is done so now I can figure out how to hopefully fix the problem without going through build another set of components.
  12. Here is one of 4 anchors. It is all wood except for the blackened brass bands and the rope covered ring. I used the size formulas laid out in Mondfeld’s Historic Ship Models to get the size. At first it seemed very large but when I temporarily placed it on the bow and looked at other models of the Leopard it looked OK. I guess I never realized how big these things were! Now I need to make 3 more just like it😜. Stay safe Tom
  13. Did a bit more work this weekend. Attached the main and fore stays and snaked with the preventers. Also rigged the boomkins. I think I going to change gears a bit now and work on the anchors and their rigging. Tom
  14. Leopard I asked the same question in an earlier post. I researched and found nothing. If anyone has any info please share. Maybe she is trained in using a defibrillator! The picture reveals that I have to do some more smoothing and shaping to do. Every time I look at it I think i can do better. I guess that means I am not totally satisfied and will work on it some more. This could go on for a forever! Well at least until I am tired of fussing with it. I am going to go for a couple mile run now; maybe it will look better when I get back? 😜😁 Tom
  15. So here is my figurehead as it stands today and probably forever. It is not glued on yet so I have time to think about it. It is not terrible i am am actually okay with it. I don’t see it winning too many sculpting honors but I don’t think I will be losing much sleep. 😜 Suggestion are always welcome. Tom
  16. Thanks everyone, looks like I am going with my original gut feeling, the subtle color theme. Siggi, it is intended to be the 1790 version ... at least to the best of my abilities. Tom
  17. Don’t remember any rules that say you can’t have eggs, jelly beans and chocolate later this year! 🤣
  18. Hi MSW I need an opinion on the color of my figurehead. I could go all one color with antique gold. or I could go with antique gold hair, a buff color for skin and a sea foam green for the dress. I think if I went with the green I would darken it just a bit. I like the little splash of color. It brings a focal point to the overall model. Bear in mind the final sculpture is much better than this one in my opinion. This one is one of my earlier attempts and practice working with Sculpey clay. Just using it to play with for now. What does everyone think color wise?
  19. I spread lawn fertilizer for an hour. Backer and I must belong to the same cult. Now I am going to kill a bottle of wine and a chocolate rabbit. ☺️ Tom
  20. Okay. So in these troubled times I figured everyone could use a chuckle or two. Here is a very rough outline of my first attempt at sculpting my figurehead. It’s okay to laugh; I did. It would still need a good bit of sanding and filing after baking but then again I have a whole 1 hour of experience. This could take a while. Good thing I have enough Sculpy to make 20 more! Then i can pick and choose. In reference to my previous post, Michael Angelo... your job is safe. Smile and enjoy. 😁😜 Tom
  21. Hi Jim The rats nest hanging from the fore top looks a lot worse than it is. As for the sand castles... the tide came in 😭. I have been snooping and know you are doing a Leopard cross section. You just can’t get enough of this boat can you! 😁 Tom
  22. Amidst the C-19 chaos I managed to get in a little modeling. I got the lower shrouds for the main and fore masts installed. Also have the main and fore stays and preventers made. Just need to tie them to the bow sprit and then snake them. That should be fun. I also managed to get the bow sprit glued in and attached the hearts for the stays and other standing rigging. Boomkins are dry fit for now. I think it is time for me to put on my sculpting hat and get the figurehead completed. Right now there is just a rough 5 minute attempt out of play-doh for spacing. My sculpting en
  23. I am half Hungarian so when I saw the title of this thread I got all excited. There are some amazing models shown but I did notice only one sailing ship. Okay I know, being a land locked country probably hampered their quest to build a formidable armada. They could have built one first rate and just anchored it in the Danube? Ha ha ha. Tom
  24. Hi Learner, Thanks for feedback. I am way past the lighting stage. That needed to be completed before the hull was closed up. To your point though, there are only a few yellow lights to somewhat illuminate the lower decks. They actually look like candle illumination. You can't see the LED bulbs, they are hidden behind walls and I am bouncing the light off of the surfaces to tone them down. Tom
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