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  1. Brilliant fix, I have made this same error think I will now correct it the way you have done.
  2. Looking great, very nice and neat! I know that feeling, the plastic box with all the small parts in it I knocked off my table onto the lounge carpet! I spent the next hour laying on the floor picking up and sorting it all, pins, deadeyes, blocks etc. Yes this is what ended up scattered over the floor!
  3. Looking great! I had to order some.more of the 1mm brass rod, I had no where near enough! Not expensive and next day delivery so all is good! It's nice having plenty so if I mess up I have enough to retry.
  4. Looks fantastic! Funnily I was short of 1mm brass rod too, I ordered some extra for a few pounds so no great problems really. Wish I had seen that about the channels before I fitted mine thats me rushing ahead and not thinking!
  5. Thank you, you are doing a cracking job on your Beagle too! It's good to take it slowly and to think things through, I've found when I rush ahead and don't look at the next few steps that is when I make the mistakes.
  6. Slowly I'm moving on with my build. It's getting a bit more fiddly and delicate now, which is a bit of an issue as I don't have a permanent build area or workshop. So I'm getting it out on my days off and packing it away the night before I'm back in work. Cannons are fitted in what I assume is a stowed position. The outriggers on the bow also fitted Fitted the stern chains, took a couple of goes to try and get them equal lengths. Started on the 4 small boats, the largest one sits inside the hull, a small one hanging off the stern and two long boats hanging from the sides. I did alter the tiller on two of them slightly which I think looks slightly better. I also painted the hulls white on them all. had a go at painting the figurehead, I thought the Beagle would look better painted rather than just black as per the instructions. I'm not artistic in any way but I'm fairly happy with how he turned out Hull boat and stern boats fitted All 4 anchors are fitted I found these quite tricky little blighters, just about done the bow sprit which is where I'm at currently!
  7. Its looking really good! For the gunport you've missed. There is a side view of the hull at the bottom of sheet 'H' of the build photo instructions, that I'm sure is actual size, it might be possible to measure this and transfer the measurements onto the model. Although, I don't think it would matter a great deal if you left it as it is to be honest!
  8. Looks fantastic, great job on the first layer of planking, must have been a big decision to strip it back and start again! But so worth it! I'm part way through building the Beagle. Which, like yourself, is also my first model ship.
  9. What a great job you're doing! I'm building HMS Beagle too, I wish I had carried out some of the modifications you have done it does look so much better. I'm a bit to far into the build to make changes now, I've just started making the masts. Look forward to the updates!
  10. Looks great Pete! I'm just at the stage of fairing the bulkheads ready to plank the small Boats, definitely fiddly with my trotters for hands!
  11. Hi and welcome Reynard. I've made a small start on an occre London Tram also I'm currently building Occre HMS Beagle. Looking forward to seeing your build come together!
  12. Hi Dollburger, I'm currently building Occre HMS Beagle this is my first ever ship model. I picked it as I found the history of the ship fascinating, I think it is also quite a pretty looking thing! One of the big plus points for me is the youtube step by step videos by Occre. I previously built RC model aircraft from kits and from plans although completely different it does help with some basic hand skills. In my day job I'm a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer so I think it has helped with my way of thinking during the build, but I can be a bit heavy handed sometimes! What I've learned from my mistakes is to look ahead and think before gluing or cutting bits! I've not started the rigging yet so that could be my downfall, but I would say it is possible for a first ship if you are patient, have an interest in the ship, ypu have some hand skills and use the youtube videos. Be prepared to make mistakes, rectify them and not beat yourself up when you do! I'm loving my experience so far such that I have two more kits waiting to be built
  13. Wow that looks lovely great job for your first build, Vanguard make some gorgeous ships. I'm following the build log of your Beagle will be great to see it come together.
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