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  1. Hi, This weekend a fogon for the Santa Maria. Cardboard fogon and tray, sand and bits of wood for the fire, a pot with salt crystals for food boiling away.
  2. Thanks RussR the decks will retain the aged look but with new forecastle bulwarks and four futtock riders the hull will be having a spring clean paint job.
  3. Musings of a MSW Newbie – started July 2016 Apologies for the length, original bullet points ‘what I have learnt’ has turned into a 1,000 word mini missive of sorts. As a Newbie to model ships - I am restoring my +/- 80 year old Granddad’s Santa Maria (the ship that is, Grandad pasted away last century) - a few thoughts on the process I went through once I had the ship in my hands. ‘This is a mess, how can I fix this, how can I make this or that’. Okay very different to a new ‘out of the box’ model ship experience but the sheer magnitude of the task didn’t really hit until a few
  4. Off to get cocktail sticks and springs from my biros tomorrow, what a great forum for ideas to use everyday items
  5. Hi all, My solution with thanks to JerseyCity Frankie. Word doc would not copy across so attached. Thanks for looking and fingers crossed feedback if I am on the right track, thanks Raising the anchor 15th Century 2.doc
  6. Keith, I have been thinking the same question regarding my Santa Maria - just how did they raise the anchor up onto the side?
  7. Hello everyone, some pictures of 'Grandad's Santa Maria before cleaning started. Sails and most of the rigging removed before they fell off. I am no ship builder and stand in awe of you guys - detail, planking, scale it's just WOW I am amazed reading your build logs. This is a restoration project for my Grandson due next year, keeping it in the family, although how to get it to Norway in one piece without breaking the bank (or the ship) will be a problem to solve in a year or two. Thanks for looking and your words of encouragement in my recent Introduction entry.
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