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  1. Looks like you are off to a great start. Your attention to detail will serve you well. I'll follow along....I built this kit 4 or 5 years ago, though it was before I discovered MSW so there is no build log of my efforts. I did post a picture in Eric "cathead"'s review of this kit. If you have not seen the review it is probably worth a quick look:
  2. Amazing detail as always, and as Wefalck says, that last picture with your hand reminds all of the scale of this model. Those close up pictures of the chain plates look like they could be from a full sized boat. You must be getting close to done? I've thought that before and you keep adding more incredible details. I am anxious to see the weathering on the hull....it always makes me smile a bit to see the weathered topsides and the almost pristine hull.
  3. I've enjoyed intermittently following this fantastic build. Really impressed by the level of thought and research you put into the project. You were not just building a model, but really trying to understand how it all worked and how the original builders approached construction. Well done.
  4. Thank you @BobG that is very kind.
  5. After losing momentum working on my America, I felt I needed a way to ease back into the shipyard. Some time ago I saw some pictures of the Chesepeake Light Craft Annapolis Wherry and liked the sleek lines. I bought one of their kits several months ago, but only started on it about a month ago. Due to local lockdown, I limited myself to stuff I had on hand. In normal times I probably would have used a bit more wood filler in places, and maybe another coat or two of primer, though overall I am (mostly) happy with the end result. I was also mostly happy with the kit itself.
  6. Nice little boat, Andrew. I am in the midst of building CLC's Annapolis Wherry model which uses a similar construction technique, though is a bit simpler than the dory. I did not create a build log for it. I enjoyed your remark about being 23 hours into the 10 hour project....with the wherry, you shape a couple of oars/sculls from two layers of the plywood glued together. The instructions claimed that while it looks like a lot of work, they can be sanded down to shape in about 20 minutes. I think it took me a couple hours to do each one. I too am trying to just use paint I
  7. Excellent video, technique, and results on the life boats Kevin, thanks for taking the time to share. When I last worked on my America, I got a bit sidetracked trying to do a couple small boats to place on her deck. I was using a similar technique with a mold and holes drilled to hold the frames, though I had not thought to cut slots into the mold as you did. I probably started 4 or 5 of the little buggers before I completed one that I liked, then I decided it was too large. I am now working on another project but hope to get back to that one soon.
  8. Hi....Good start. I built this model about 5 years ago, before I discovered MSW so no build log. I do recall that the fit of the planks was somewhat rough...i.e. they were all a bit larger than needed. But I don't recall the difference being as great as what you show. I suspect that you are correct thinking that the stem piece is farther back than intended. But it also looks like maybe that plank is not as far back as it should be...notice the gap near the top of the plank, between the plank and the transom. I think I would move the plank back a little to close that gap and carefully tr
  9. Beautiful finish and incredible detail. Very inspiring...hope I can get half way there some day.
  10. Looks like you are having a lot of the same challenges I did, and you are overcoming them as well. That stern piece and the recessed timberheads toward the stern really needed a lot of work. I know I went back and reshaped that stern piece several times, even after I had attached it.
  11. Hey, another Bluejacket America build! I'll follow along. Mine is about 80% complete but has been languishing all year as other things have gotten in the way. But I keep saying I will get back to it soon. Maybe this will help inspire me. I made that same mistake you did, of cutting the notches in the keel based on the lines instead of based on the actual thickness of the frames. Makes me feel better now, thanks. Otherwise I like your approach. I also took a lot of material off the frames, maybe even more than you. I can also say there were about 3 or 4 differ
  12. I am also catching up on this build. All of the detail and weathering is great as everyone else has said, but that tiny water valve is just jaw-dropping.
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