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  1. In the real life the planks had some “V” channels internally. They were so thick ...... there were no doble planking. This is only for “model construction “ purposes, since the scale is not allowing to make those “v” channels..... in other books they mention that they put papyrus and animal grease in the joints
  2. Thank a lot Pat people following this log is forcing me to do a job that keep their attention on it i’ll do my best
  3. I want to give an update...... Let’s keep in mind this “famous” picture.... It is time to start with the central beam or girder .... according with the investigation this is the equivalent to the keel. It is its predecessor..... it was among the Hugging-Truss, the elements that kept the hull with this form and gave to it the strength..... In this case, the beam was convex and in order to give it the right form I needed to tie it up to the hull. Thanks to God I had a lot of holes to do it.... 😀 I did it before the deck beams. It gave me the “exact” position for them..... They have a little holes in both ends, that is the way they wil be tied to the hull..... Also the Bow-Stern “poles are made..... I choose different wood in order to “kill” a little bit the monotony.....
  4. Is a process with a lot of try and error...... I use to repeat all those pieces that at the end I don’t feel “good” with. That’s why some times I take a long time to make posts. But thanks a lot for being in the bench. Let’s see how this adventure is going to “THE END” 😀
  5. What a quality job!!!! I am really impressed. This is other that is in my Santa Claus wish list.
  6. Let’s continue with our project..... To finish the sewed process in the hull, we need to fix the “skates” that will receive the mast...... And.... the mast....
  7. Your ideas and investigation have helped me a lot. thanks George.
  8. Good Job and really well illustrated. I’ll follow from now for iron nails you can use sewing pins and blued Let me show you a picture
  9. Let’s see the backside of the hull..... there we can see the idea I was trying to explain
  10. Really It was not just my idea. Vladimir Herrero made de Cheops barge some years ago. He had the same idea. I just took it and improved a little ..... build first the inner hull finally no channels. I put some reinforcements that made two functions.... reinforce and “channel” thanks a lot for your kind words
  11. Thanks for following my log. I have found more literature that is giving me more alternatives. I’ll share it with all of you soon

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