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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I have tried coloured back drops and it creates to many problems and detracts from the model. I'm never going to be able to reference the model with back drop
  2. Not sure if there will be any appetite for my models on this forum. No wood was harmed in the production of this model at 1/144 She is typical of the numerous Mackerel and Pilchard Drivers see around our coasts until the early 1900 when they were replaced by steam. The hull length was around 39' (12m) overall with fore and aft out riggers loa. 69.5' (21.2m) The boat is based on the Happy Return, a lugger which is still operating today from Penzance. The back drop of St Michaels Mount in the background was taken from the Happy Return by Len of the Mounts Bay Lugger Association
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