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  1. I think that easiest way to make T shape is to make vertical and horizontal part separate and glue it together. The joint will be hidden by garboard strake.
  2. Roger said it perfectly. I also spend lot of time on modeling. We had few discusions with Admiral right at the begining of my modeling hobby, she was not happy with time I was spending on it initialy (you know the joy and enthusiasm when something is starting ). Now I usualy build models at night and only if I am in the mood for it. Sometimes I am tired or have my mind or hands occupy with different matters. My free daytime is reserved mainly for the kids, after they are gone to bed I can do some modeling.
  3. Hi Kris, great to here you are on it How did you solve the different scale plans problem?
  4. Hi Kris, Thank you wery much for the sail resouce. Well I am still riveting, but it goes slow, not much time throught the christmas to this day. I am helping my brother to build his house and rest of the free time goes to kids. I steel hour here and there at night to progress on riveting.
  5. As you said Eric, modelmaking should be fun and your model looks great.
  6. You are welcome John, glad i can help. I shere informations if I can. Here are some good photos of Skuldelev 1 museum replica https://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Vikingeskibsmuseet_Roskilde/Viking_ship_Skuldelev1.htm
  7. Do not sand it John, as Louie wrote it is as on original (Skuldelev 1). I just checked it in the book.
  8. Viking ship replica sailor and maintainer told me, that bigger waves can even broke the shileds in rack. When there is no archeological evidence I go with my logic, or better by experience of viking replica sailors, to make it practical and usable. But aesthetic solutions are also tempting, it will be display model after all :).
  9. I am slowly working on riveting and in the meantime I completed rudder (comparison with the original).
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