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  1. Gary, i think what you have on your hand's is artist block...... i read about this. i have the same problems weathering freight car's. their's something missing but you can't put your finger on it. remendy : cover up the project and don't look at it for a few day's. then when you view it you will see what's needed.
  2. your garboard is runing too far up the bow......... this will crowd the planks. look into more info on the garboard plank. and you will have to add drop planks where needed. but first get your garboard correct, then line it off.
  3. Will meet again........ like the song say's...... farewell for now Dan.
  4. Try out ( sea salt ) you can find it at the grocery store, where they have the sesoning's........... the crystal's are all diferent sizes..... makes a nice effect.
  5. WOW ! were talking about a scratch build............. Great workmanship Gary.👍
  6. This ship has a grand history. Sad that it is rusting away...... should have been restored. Nice to see that you are building the model.
  7. That's some incredible work that you did on makeing the block's........... they look real.
  8. Glad to see you back, I really marvel at your work....... it's beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  9. Looking at the pic's Jo......... their is a big distance between bulkheads at midship........ if the distance from bulkhead to bulkhead is 2" or more....... your planks will dimple and rise in those area's....... as you can see on the hull of my 1st build. you could make 2 bulkheads out of 1/8" balsa wood and that would give you the backing you need.
  10. I think she will return, and post photo's of the completed vessel, to close out her log.
  11. With all this activity going on, if she did'nt turn off her e-mail's from this site, we just might here from her.
  12. Glad you posted this Dave......... i was begining to think that some misfortune had come to her........ niece to see she's still moving right along🙂
  13. YES get it hot and instantly put it in the refrigerator freezer leave it in there for 30 min the quick cooling retains the memory of it.
  14. Pertty soon you will be into the rigging. somebody on this site posted this link........ it's nice....... you can freeze each frame to see exactly how to go over & under with your line, to make the knot.😉 https://www.animatedknots.com/complete-knot-list
  15. Yeah, i remember building some motorcycles, it was like working on a fish out of the water......... at least for me it was.😄 i used testors metalizer on an F-102 a couple years ago........ and the stuff makes plastic look like real metal . don't know if you are aware of it, you want to go with the bottel'd buffing. you can see more about it on youtube. you can't use metalizer over enamel paint. metalizer is lacquer, it will react like paint stripper on the enamel.
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