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  1. Hi Wally just spent an hour catching up on your brilliant build, you are doing a fantastic job on her well done mate. Regards Richard
  2. Very nice Dave 👍 isn't it nice to figure out how you are going to build something and then go and build it. Regards Richard
  3. Thanks Gary it was a small update but time consuming but I do like how they came out just way better than my first attempt, see right of picture Yea the clamps work great for handling small stuff got many of her small tools which again use a lot Thanks Per as you see from the pic above the re-do was needed, you should try it, was a lot of fun but it was also a lot of filing Hi Keith thanks for your kind comment, I have been told this before on other sites, and I am not quite sure why! did follow the instruction
  4. Thanks Mark, Wally, Joe and Dave for your kind remarks and all for the likes. Dave the clamp was not made by me, but by Eclipse N0 10, made in Sheffield England. got quite a few tools from my Gran who was a jeweller Also have this hand clamp as well from her use both of these a lot Regards Richard
  5. Wow just brilliant Gary every piece looks so real and your weathering is something I would love to accomplish. Regards Richard
  6. Hi Eric, bit late with the reply but thanks for looking in and your kind comment do apricate it. So have done a little more to her but not so much in making but redoing, it started with the lower chain plates, which I had made from the brass strips .016" thick supplied with the kit found this out once I removed them, thought I had used some .010" brass sheet. So now I remade them out of .005" solder small tube to the ends then made a jig to drill the mounting holes and now have the lower chain plates more to scale.
  7. I am also catching up on your brilliant project Keith and wow what eye candy that was just love the detail you add 👍 Regards Richard
  8. Just to let you know I followed the instruction manual starting on page 10 and 11 Fig 1-3 and Fig 1-4 regarding bulkhead stanchions, I beveled and cut the stanchions as it says to do and then once I had the waterways installed made up the main rail and used fig 1-14 to install fake bulwarks stanchions, these I made with inboard bevel were needed to suit the shape of hull, not sure why you would need to cut them off 🤔 These bulkheads are not plywood so they do blend in well with the fake stanchions and also they help a lot when time to s
  9. Just caught up with your build Dave all looking very nice great job, you have come along way 👍 and I am glad you have taken to the machines, and each piece you make will just get better once you learn the skills, as my Dad always said to me Rome wasn't built in a day 🙂 Regards Richard
  10. Just caught up with you build Joe shrouds look brilliant and well worth the doing and all look to scale. Regards Richard
  11. Just looked in the book I have by Arthur Bugler O.B.E and he has the drawings of 12 pounder Short 8'-2", 12 pounder Medium 9'-2" and 12 pounder Long 9'-8" 24 pounder 10'-3 1/2" and 32 pounder 10'-3 1/2" 32 & 24 pounder gun carriage 6'-2 1/2" long, and both the same width, 12 pounder gun carriage long and medium are the same at 5'-6 1/4" and short 5'-0 1/4" all the same width 12 pounder (long) 30 in number upper deck 12 pounder (medium) 2 in number forecastle deck 12 pounder (short) 12 in number quarter deck 24 pounder 28 in number middle deck 32 pounder 30 in
  12. Thanks for dropping by Keith and Robin have had a few distraction, remaking, but all is good and do hope you had a good as can be Christmas, in the next few days will catch up on all of your builds Regards Richard
  13. Thanks a lot Keith and Joe I've had a blast making all these parts made most as per the scaled drawings provided with the kit. Regards Richard
  14. Lovely job Jond, and do like all your info as you are building, will be looking in on your journey she does look like the Bluenose eh, this is what I would like to do one day. Regards Richard
  15. Your ships deck is looking fantastic Robin and yes the Capstan does look way better 👍
  16. Hi Denis you say "since this is a fictitious ship, I guess I can do a few things" I like your thinking, nice cabin and deck 👍 Regards Richard
  17. Thanks very much Dave, Robin, Eamonn, Michael, Gary and Denis for your very kind comments, I think these parts were the last items of metal work to be made did just finish the last handle, will need to blacken them. Now have to the finish the painting of cove , adding ship name, scroll work on the hull, look for all the small stuff like eye bolts and rings etc etc that I have not added yet then will start to paint some of the items in my parts box, then I can start to assemble. Also thanks for all the likes until next time Regards
  18. I agree with what the others have said, you do have a very nice build going and all you need is a few tweaks here and there 👍 Regards Richard
  19. Looked at Gary's (FriedClams) Bilge pump on his 1920 New England Stonington Dragger and he built a Edson Model #2 so looking at the drawing of Bluenose supplied it did not look the same so I have gone with the drawing. Made some rough sketches Machined the body first out of 5/16" brass bar here it is just taken it off the lathe Machined the top brackets Once all that was done, cut the part were the water would flow out and ground sides so that I could solder a piece of bent brass to the
  20. My Dad long time ago said to me "try and learn something each day", well I just did, brilliant Keith 👍
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