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  1. Small progress update: Glued the gun-deck to the bulkhead/keel assembly. Assembled the hatch coamings/gratings based somewhat on Blue Ensign's method for their build of HMS Pegasus. Specifically: I copied the orientation of the gratings with the longitudinal timbers running unbroken and slightly proud of the lateral ones. I attempted to imitate the half-tenon joints Blue Ensign used instead of the miter joints in the instructions. Emphasis on "attempted", as my fit-up is much poorer in comparison. Some key differences: My hatches are fl
  2. Thank you both for the advice. The kit instructions mention drilling mounting holes for pedestals after the hull planking is completed. Based on other build logs this seems much too late, especially if using a captive nut inside the false keel. I was considering just using two small cradle blocks, either CNC milled brass or, failing that, 3D printed plastic. On that note, I have used some wood-PLA filament which sands and stains quite well. Using a cradle in lieu of pedestals would allow me to more easily remove the ship from the display case if necessary. Let me know w
  3. Hi Richard, Thanks for your words of encouragement. I just looked up Blue Ensign's log and I regret not having discovered it sooner! It is very detailed and will be of great help to me. I wish you the best of luck with your own hull planking. Please document it well for my benefit. "I glued the false deck in place then planked it - it seems the logical thing to do." - do you mean the gun deck? This was my concern since the instructions say to plank it before installing. If I do that, I'm sure planking will be easier but I imagine the deck will be stiffer and harder to
  4. Hi Richard, Just wanted to say that I recently came across your build log and am very impressed! I myself am building HMS Fly (my very first model) and have found a wealth of useful information in your posts. I'll definitely be keeping an eager interest in your progress. -Starlight
  5. The aforementioned capstan assembly. Upon reading other build logs of Fly/Pegasus I realized that I had severely under-faired the stern extensions. I decided to redo them, and I think they look more reasonable now. After doing some research on the deck planking and fittings, there are some salient points on which I would appreciate any comments/advice: I see that many other modelers add planking to the false MDF deck below the hatches on the gun deck. I certainly appreciate the visual improvement this makes, but I highly doubt that the kit com
  6. Hi Chris, it's an honour to see you on my build log. The kit is very well designed and I hope I can do it justice. I suspected that the 8th part was a matter of spares, just wanted to make sure. -Starlight
  7. Progress update from the last few weeks. Drew the bearding line. I traced a paper cutout to make sure it was the same on both sides. Roughly bevelled the bulkheads. I did this by estimating an angle θ for each bulkhead, calculating an offset x using x = 5mm * tan(θ), and scribing that offset onto the bulkhead using some cheap calipers. This gave me a visual target to sand down to. Bulkheads after bevelling: Glued the bulkhead assembly together. Will be moving on to the deck planking and asse
  8. Hi CTDavies, Your model looks quite nice. I will be sure to check out your build log. -Starlight
  9. Dry-fitting of the false keel and bulkheads back in early September: At this point I have two questions: The instructions state: "it is recommended that the stern area of the false keel to which the rudder post will be glued to is sanded to roughly half of its original width. This is because once the second planking is complete... less sanding will be required to attain a flush finish between the keel edge and rudder post." Does anyone know exactly how much area needs to be reduced to half-thickness? I am unable to visualize the final result after second planki
  10. Hello all, This is my first ever model and my first time posting on this forum. As a bit of background, I am a grad student in my early 20's. I suspect this places me firmly in the minority regarding the demographics of this forum. I consider myself to possess a reasonable engineering/technical background for my age. I have somewhat good access to tools and consumables for the purposes of this build. My interest in ships of this era stems mostly from naval fiction and non-fiction literature. As such I am unfamiliar with some of the terminology involved in shipbuilding.
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