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  1. Hello all, I completed the planking of the main deck. I decided to add a margin plank with the scarph joints as others have done. Made numerous mistakes creating them and they're still not perfect, but probably as good as I can get with hand tools. During the process I realized that I had forgotten to account for the thickness of the inner bulwark planking on the previously-completed margin planks, but fortunately those are hidden under the upper decks. The new scarph joints are offset inward slightly to account for the bulwark planking. Next, I decided to follow many other modelers again and create a stove. Special thanks to @Blue Ensign for allowing me to copy his Pegasus stove based on his build log photos. I decided to 3D print most of the stove. CAD model that I made: Print sitting on the build plate with supports still attached: Stove with supports removed: I will now work on adding handles, the firebox grill, the exhaust pipe, etc., and then painting the stove. -starlight
  2. Looks great, mugje! Do let me know how tung oil looks on the walnut as I am considering it for my own build. -starlight
  3. Richard, thank you for the kind words and for continuing to help a novice such as myself. If I could ask a few questions about your reply: Do forgive my ignorance of the correct terminology. For some reason I thought that the piece with the windows was called a gallery... If I may show this picture from your build log: I believe the circled feature is the upper counter(?), which sits between the two kit-supplied pieces for the lower counter and the stern fascia. If I understand correctly, this piece must be made to size out of the walnut strip. Therefore my question is, how high is the fascia supposed to sit? The kit instructions are rather light on detail regarding this aspect. Also, is there any info on these moulding strips that separate each section? If I plank the quarterdeck (and foredeck?), will I be able to remove them afterwards to complete the fittings underneath? I will have to go through your build log again to see how you've done it. I am very much trying to think several steps ahead as you say, although this usually results in a paralysis of action: in which I am too afraid to start a new task for fear of overlooking something crucial. Thanks again, starlight
  4. Hello all, I've made some more slow progress these past few months. I decided to add the two additional sweep ports on each side: I then completed the outside second planking above the main wale. I decided (against the wise advice of Richard44) to do the outside planking first before the inner bulwarks. My justification was that I could keep using the bulkhead tabs for more stable clamping. I'll have to live with this decision when it comes time to drill holes on the inside. I made a little key from some of the walnut strip to verify the size of the sweep ports: I have two major concerns about the work I've done so far. Firstly, I was not able to get the proper curvature at the bow. Is it worth trying to force the plywood and walnut into position? Secondly, I'm not sure how to terminate the walnut planking at the stern. In particular, how does the intermediate section between the stern counter and gallery look? Any resources would be appreciated. After these two issues are addressed I'm still a bit unsure on the best way to proceed: Do I stain/seal the hull? Do I break off the bulkhead tabs and complete the deck planking? Do I fit the stern gallery? Regardless, I will probably spend some time filling and sanding before moving on. Thanks to all for looking in, and I would appreciate any and all advice. -starlight
  5. Hi Richard, that looks really good. I finally managed to finish my second planking below the main wale and am looking at your build log among others to see how best to proceed. Do you recommend planking the inner bulwarks before doing the outer planking above the main wale? I didn't really understand your explanation regarding the cannon eyebolts. Thanks, starlight
  6. Hello all, I have made very slow progress these past few months but I am finally finished the second planking below the main wale. Pictures below. -starlight
  7. Looks great, Richard. I wish I had done scale length planks for the 2nd planking as you did... they look quite nice. -starlight
  8. Hello to all, I have not been able to dedicate much time to my ship since my last update, and I can see that I have fallen behind significantly compared to the other Fly/Pegasus modelmakers. I am slowly progressing on the second planking, although by my reckoning I am only averaging one strake per side per week. I fear I will be stuck on this stage of the build for quite some time. Pictures below. -starlight
  9. Thanks to everyone who has been following along so far. I am with family for the holidays so please excuse the change in background. I finally finished sanding the 1st planking to a state that I am reasonably happy with: I have been slowly working up the courage to start the 2nd planking. In preparation for this, I glued on the rudder post and stern counter: Then I tried my best to lay out the main wale using the kit-suggested method of measuring down from the gunports, followed by pinning a temporary strip along the profile. The bottom edge of the strip represents the top edge of the main wale. I would certainly appreciate any comments on the placement of this feature. Thanks again to all and happy holidays. -starlight
  10. Looks amazing, Tim! I'm still dragging my feet on the task of sanding my first planking... hopefully I can take a page from your book with how decisively you did the second planking. -starlight
  11. Hi Richard, looks great! Forgive my ignorance, but what is the purpose of the sweep ports? I see that many modelers add extras to the gunport strips. -starlight
  12. Hi all, Finally finished the 1st planking. It's certainly not a work of art but it still turned out better than I had hoped. Some notes: Unfortunately I did not fair BH 12 enough and I ended up with a kink at the stern curve I only used water to form the strakes (no steam, iron, etc.) No CA glue, just PVA and temporary pins 3 small stealers per side used at the stern, none at the bow, no drop planks Pictures below. Will spend some time sanding and filling before moving on.
  13. Thanks to everyone who commented. @Tim, Richard: I appreciate the reminder to cut the outside of the 3 waist bulkheads before gluing. I'll have to buy a flush-cutting saw when it comes time to remove them... @mugje, I followed your suggestion and it worked quite well. There is some curvature at the bow that I found difficult to clamp, but I'm happy with how things turned out overall. @SpyGlass: Thanks once again for your expert advice. I think I managed to move them forward about half a mm, but then I started to feel that further fiddling was only making it look worse. I dry fitted the upper decks and the start of the quarter deck is roughly in the middle of the "step" in the gunport strips (at BH 8), which is I think how it should be? After gluing I had some slight waviness along the bottom of the strips. It's hard to see at a glance and difficult to fix, so I'll probably have to leave it as is. As well, the upper part of the strips are slightly separated from the waist bulkheads, since there was no glue to hold them in place. For the most part, I'm happy with how they turned out though. Anyways, here are some pictures. Am hoping to start the hull planking next week. -starlight
  14. Thanks Richard and Tim for your kind words. I made some progress on the gunport strips, with three rounds of soaking and shaping. Am hoping to get some feedback before I glue them on. I ended up trimming around 3mm off of the front ends. Here's what I have so far:
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