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    Building these beautiful models, of course; astrophotography; flying; surfing; mountain biking.

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  1. I don't like the laser cut stair rails so I'm going to attempt to make my own. The first (easy) rails have been glued into place. Time to get bending and breaking:
  2. Had to fix one of the stairs. For some reason the balusters on the second set were too long and high, so I had to work some Dremel magic to right things up a bit. The penciled baluster in photo 3 is what I removed:
  3. Truth be told; the wave catch looks good, but I busted 4 of these in the making. Luckily I found a hobby store in country that stocks Constructo woods. So I had plenty on hand to improvise. Freshly oiled in this photo and, yes, I'm a mountain bike rider (the Crank Brothers sticker).
  4. The I'm going to venture to say that this is the most difficult part of the build. I'm glad that I'm down in the dungeon and don't have kids because the expletive details that filled the air during the building of this part, well, let's just say that I need to have little a sit-down with Jesus to put a finger on one of my many faults. I guess the test here will be the building of the second staircase. Ever seen The Christmas Story? Alfie’s father and the furnace? It was kinda like that.
  5. Yes these are the kit sails in my photo and I did purchase the kit here in France. Back when I built it, I don’t recall there being any sail upgrade kits available. I tossed around the idea of making my own at the time but just went with what was provided.
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