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  1. Things went better for me this evening, I was able to get the cat falls rigged. Guess I was just worn out last night and that’s why nothing was working out.
  2. Good grief. Ever have one of those nights where nothing goes right at all? I couldn’t even lash a block correctly tonight, the knot just kept tangling, twisting and coming out all wrong... I had to walk away.
  3. Alright, I was able to get the second anchor rigged up tonight and installed the stern lanterns that I’ve been working with on the side. Tomorrow I’ll see about getting those catheads rigged.
  4. Well, I went ahead and changed out one of the anchors. Serving the brass ring took a while to do so the other anchor will have to wait for tomorrow night. I think it looks better than the little kit anchors I had on there before.
  5. Coming along nicely, I’m liking the white. Well, it looks like I’m going to have to invest in some of those sliding clamps you’ve been using. I just showed your update to my GF and she’s pretty much sold on this model. Between us, I think it’s partially because I lived in Florida where she would come visit me all the time from France, before I made the move over here. I think she has the South wedged into her heart and that’s why this model catches her eye so.
  6. Hi all, I need some help. Does this anchor look out of scale (excuse the tape)? The kit is 1:50 and the anchor is 1:64. Looks big to me but then again I looked at some photos of the Victory and her anchors are huge.
  7. Been working on the masts. I went ahead and built my own mastheads to make it look a little better than just a dowel; not totally done yet, still have a few parts to add. The “iron bands” on the masthead are thick cardstock paper which I also used to back the wood battens. Had to do that because the battens kept snapping when I was trying to file-in the slots for the bands. It was easier to cut the slots out of the paper backing.
  8. Wow, never knew about “hot shot”, that’s very interesting.
  9. You take me back. Just take your time and enjoy the build. I started with the AL Bounty jolly boat when my girlfriend said she wanted, “one of those really nice wooden ships” for the house. I wasn’t happy with what I found online for sale and my searches led me here, where the models looked sooooooo good. So, I told her to let me try building a little one just to see if I could do it, then, if it actually turned out looking like a boat, she could pick out the kit she wanted and I’d build it for her. All went well with the jolly boat because everyone here helped me get along, and I’m still learning from them all today. As for my girlfriend, well, she chose her ship which is now proudly displayed in our office. On my third build now with 4 kits waiting, so I guess I’m enjoying it. You’re going to come out of this a way more knowledgeable builder, trust me. Et voila, here she is! I look at her all the time to remind myself how far I’ve come along. Sooooo many mistakes, but she was my first build when I knew absolutely nothing. And I’m still proud of her. 😉
  10. Great info, thanks Mark!
  11. Looking for some information concerning mast battens. I assume these were notched where the iron bands were, or did they lie on top of the bands? None of the images I’ve seen are very clear.
  12. Yes! I Love it! I just received my Terror kit along with the Essex from the OcCre factory. Have To finish my Bounty and Hermione before I get to this one, so I’m going to follow along with your build. Great start!

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