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    Building these beautiful models, of course; astrophotography; flying; surfing; mountain biking.

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  1. Thanks, happy to be back! And especially happy to be out of that itchy cast; I can type again!
  2. Just returned from the vineyards of some good family friends, The Coulons in Reims. Their champagne is absolutely wonderful; planted on the same soil as Veuve Clicquot. In all actually, their vines are the very next row. Super, super friendly people who embody the spirit of France. I would attribute them to old school U.S. southern hospitality ( of all kinds ). Needless to say, the back of my truck was full upon departure from their house. The Champagne of the world comes from the valley in my last photo. As we build model ships, they produce Champagne. Although, this year, they were hit hard by a late freeze in April and many houses suffered large losses. Last image courtesy of imgur.com (saving the vines). Not the Coulon house, but another house trying to fight the freeze.
  3. Well after a long, cold winter which is too cold down stairs, and then a broken left arm (mountain biking) last month, I'm finally out of the cast and able to manipulate some tools and small pieces of wood again. So, back to the build, albeit slowly. I've started planking the 3rd deck and added some small details to the first deck. Sawing and sanding are still a bit difficult, but good physical therapy if I go slowly.
  4. First of the second deck guard rails installed and I started cutting the corner sections for the first deck support beams. The corner sections are difficult to cut because they're so darn small.
  5. I've started the first of the guard rails. For me the secret is careful bending and some CA glue for the metal parts. Concerning the posts, I used my Model Machines draw plate to draw down some bamboo skewers which where used as anchors for the posts, these make things a lot more rigid and less apt to break off if accidentally touched durning construction, just need to let the glue set overnight.
  6. Been a while since I've posted, but I'm still around. I've added the port side wood rails and they took a bit of time to build-up. So here are a few photos of where things sit as of today:
  7. A J&V 'Wolf' knife from Spain. A very robust knife made from MOVA-58. Wicked sharp! Actually ordered at the same time as the axes but it arrived today.
  8. Oh, it’s not the property I chose to be confined to. 😁
  9. Some new axes. Was planning on cleaning up the property woods, but then got confined again. 😒
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