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  1. AH! OK, now I understand the issue. I agree then. I think your only option is to trim away. Good luck
  2. Ed, When You plank the deck it will bring the top of the “great beam” flush to the level of the quarterdeck. The top of the beam is the front edge of the quarterdeck, and is a prominent feature of the deck. Then you can sand it all back to level. It all works out in the end I struggled with this too during my build. I aLso suggest a build log. Lots of valuable help here, and many of us have built/are building this kit. Welcome to MSW and the Bluenose Crew! Jim
  3. Herbert, I will be following your build closely, as I am considering this as my next model. I also am a big fan of Lucky Jack Aubrey, and I’ve been wondering about the possibility of “bashing” this kit into “Sophie” with the raised quarterdeck, elm tree pumps, ships wheel and over sized spars discussed in “Master and Commander”. Happy building! Jim
  4. Beautiful! Truly a dream build! An inspiration Congratulations Jim
  5. In other sources (Jensen) I have seen it named a “Lazarette Hatch” to get down in with the rudder mechanism and storage.
  6. “The Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor” by Darcy Lever. A practical guide to all things rigging. For The basics of Knots, try “The Boy Scout Handbook” or the “Pioneering Merit Badge” book published by The Boy Scouts of America.
  7. A very nice build. Well done. The comment about her looking like she is going fast even when sitting still is so true! As I approach the mast stepping and rigging phase on my Bluenose, I am going to steal your tip about aligning the masts.
  8. Well done. Impressive work! Great attention to both detail and function. I have been reading through your log and taking notes. Modeling “Lucky Jack’s” Surprise is what got me into this hobby. A build like yours is my “bucket list” build. Someday...someday. Jim
  9. Richard, I’ve been curious about how you were going to do the chain... that must be the smallest roller chain available. I have searched and searched, and I’m still looking for a decent workaround.
  10. Thanks guys, I am really enjoying my evenings, and look forward each day to “boat time”. Does anyone have a suggestion for drilling holes in brass strip? I have a pin vice with numbered drills, and a Dremel with a few bits, but no drill press. Jim
  11. Nicely done! Pearwood makes for beautiful planking, and your work is first rate. I especially like the Bluenose pics, as that is my current project.
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