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  1. My father began this model about 1940. Finished without plans.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been trying to finish a schooner kit my father began in about 1940 without any plans. I’ve used photos and found this build log very helpful in completing the jibs! Again, thanks!
  3. What a gift you’ve given to us all! Thanks for your faithful posts over the months. May you recover from Lyme and stay safe from Covid!
  4. I agree with those who think they’re looking at the real thing. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks! House was/is full of grandkids. May you have a blessed and fruitful New Year!
  6. So very sorry for your pain, Jesse. Hope you find joy in the inspiration that you are to the rest of us!
  7. Wow! For all these pics! Bequeath it to a museum?
  8. So sorry to hear this! May you find joy in giving joy to the rest of us as we watch your progress. Praying for you and yours ....
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