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  1. Just catching up. Great re-do Grant! At the end of the day you've got to be happy with your own work and we get to enjoy the process (and output). Cheers Leanne
  2. the hammer is the smallest one I have at the minute, was my grandfathers from when he was a mattress maker. It's pretty light, only about 3in wide. As for name, it's Leanne... 'Moo' has no connection to Alf Garnet rather my last name - Cowan... Took some wag at University to finally pin me with a bovine reference!!
  3. Looks great Pete. There'd be few Australians who remember the day 'we' won the cup who wouldn't get a smile on their face just by hearing the name Australia II or see the boxing kangaroo flag... I was only 9 and it was BIG news at the time. Bob Hawke is 84 and can still skull a 'schooner' of beer with the best of 'em (likely to be a few videos on YouTube) - a skill he honed in his University days, a Rhodes scholar I think. A schooner of beer? There's a bit of history to the actual amount, but these days is a glass of 425ml... "...the origin of the term, although unknown, is suggested by t
  4. They're still too small... still getting their adult feathers so can't keep warm outside yet. Won't be long though, the Taj ma Chook awaits...
  5. Not really. Neither the written instructions or the DVD indicate when/how to plank the rear of the transom... will see how we go.
  6. Thanks Ollie. The figures are the 25mm/1" Amati ones, though I think they might be a bit short for 1:48 - think I got my scales mixed up. Probably better with the 35mm versions for a 5'5" standing height... 4' is likely a bit too short - might end up being a cabin boy or powder monkey... though I doubt the Mermaid had the latter
  7. A bit more progress... The building instructions that came with the kit suggest using the crimping method for shaping bends, but I found the timber was more prone to snap at the ends. So I'm soaking each plank in water for about 15-20min before pinning in place, waiting for it to dry and then gluing-up/reclamping. Seems to be coming along... The Captain and some of the crew arrived recently from cornwall model boats in the UK (you were right Grant, cost and postage very reasonable). Came aboard for a quick review of progress - the boatswain is giving me the hurry up. Cheeky!
  8. There is another large model of the Sirius on display in a case in the foyer of the Commonwealth Dept. Health & Ageing 'Sirius Building' in Woden (suburb of Canberra). I'll have to remember to get some photos next time I'm over there. Leanne
  9. Hi Richard, just tried rcbuyers, but didn't seem to have them listed. Found them at: http://www.hobbyexpress.com/pins.htm Cheers Leanne
  10. I've ended up going for a Donegan Optivisor 2.5x mag 8" focal length to start. Went for ground glass lenses rather than plastic to help prevent scratching $47.44AUD including shipping to Canberra, Australia. Yay Amazon! Now for the mail to arrive....
  11. Finally, underway again... have been a bit side tracked on other projects for a few months - most recently building a chicken coop in readiness for chicks arriving in the next few days. Just got the roof to go... But back to the shipyard. 1st layer of planking begins... Onward...
  12. Even though in Grant's hand above, they LOOK tiny - I have to say, up close and for real, the Cutters ARE tiny and paper thin. Though to touch, they feel surprisingly rigid, for their size. I had the pleasure of paying Grant a visit at home on Saturday and left with an even higher appreciation for the Victory's build journey and level of detail... and not a small dose of Byrnes/Sherline tool envy As soon as I finish the Chicken coop... I'll be back at the shipyard
  13. Hey Ollie - it's all looking so great. I started at the beginning of your build log and have been copying & pasting all your posts and the various pieces of advice from other members to form a kind of 'practicum' for the Mermaid... leaving out most of the 'attaboy' type posts (as well deserved as they are), so far it's around 240 A4 pages. It's going to be such a useful reference as I work on mine thank you to everyone who has contributed, your input has just added to the value of the quality work Ollie has displayed and achieved in his own right.. Now, just to find some time to get bac
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