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  1. Nice work, I’m doing a lot of smaller items for my Pegasus, my question is were the side mounts one piece or several sandwiched bits of timber? if one piece why the step design. i too had lots of trouble blackening my small barrels, yours looks good.
  2. Been off this for a good while. Coppering completed ones side, installed a moulding to top off the top edges. not happy overall, wish I’d gone for a white paint finish, ah well. Hope the other half comes out better and can display that side.
  3. Definitely not wide as the strips sit right on the photoetch high points I looked a Blue Ensigns build, if you look at page 2 mine looked like his with the top red border not parallel, so I measured from the plans and added a splice to make it 4mm as per the drwg and as his page 3. I have checked that all the windows side and rear fit as per his build.
  4. Anyone else had to build up the rear gunwales to match the drawing re fitment of the etched decoration and the 1mm strip or perhaps it an error I've built in.
  5. Some colour added, coat of sand sealer to deepen the colour, will finish with a Matt varnish at the end.
  6. Second planking done with a bit of sanding and sealer, final finis if any planking not painted will be matt
  7. Yeah, I'm going to try two eye pins , some tube and epoxy, will be the last things fitted after rigging so a long way off.
  8. Thanks for prompt, RB order in too. Blocks and rope ordered from Syren, despite cost of import the quality is great. perhaps we should organise a joint order system in the UK. To share costs
  9. Not been doing much as the garden and other jobs can't be put off. I purchased a few blocks and rope from Syren, top notch, the blocks are outstanding even without a tumble. Only gripe is the UK Post office sticking on an £8.00'handling charge.
  10. Thanks for the comment, when the 32 are available I'm going to get them as it's low cost and then I can decide. will finish second planking and make up the carriages proper with eyelets etc. did you line the gun Ports? What were the final dimensions of your finished ports?
  11. This is the RB 29mm cannon on the kit carriage, I think it looks OK, would appreciate any thoughts/advice.
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